Google/1770 Accounts

Students--Here is information that will help you as you begin to use your new Google Student Accounts. Please remember that all communication can and will be monitored by account administrators/teachers. Any student who is found to in violation of Computer Use agreement will face disciplinary action which may result in  account being closed.

Google Student Account Login /Password

Username --
  • First Initial-Middle Initial-Last name-Last two digits student ID

  • (For example--Joe C. Cool, 501553= jccool53)


  •  First Login=Student ID**If you student ID does not have six digits, then it will have leading 0s to make it six digits.
  • After initial login, students will be asked to change password. They will
            a. Type 1) old password 2) new password, twice.
            b. Type security code (which is random numbers/letters)
            c. Agree to terms and conditions


Here are a few tips regarding you accounts--

Email-- You may email anyone who has a 1770 account or BCPS account.
  • All teachers have BCPS accounts. To email any teacher use teachers first initial, last name
  • Only teachers who have classes with 1770 account have 1770 email. To email a teacher on 1770 account, use first initial, last name
Docs, Presentation, Sites-- You may share/invite Docs, Presentations, Sites only with people who 1770 accounts at this time.

**If you are working on a presentation that you would like to share with a teacher who does not have a 1770 account, then you should 1) save your presentation, 2) attach your presentation/doc in an email, 3) send to your teacher.

How To Access Site