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Mission Statement

Read Mountain Middle School exists to develop the potential of students who are in a critical period of their lives as they change from childhood to adolescence. Our mission is to prepare students to meet the challenges of our changing world by promoting knowledge, skills, and responsibility.

Our School Beliefs
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique needs.
  • Learning is the chief priority of our school.
  • Students must take responsibility for their learning and their actions.
  • Providing a quality education is the shared responsibility of the parents, faculty, staff, and community.
  • A safe and comfortable physical environment is essential for student learning.
  • A variety of instructional approaches and learning activities is necessary to develop confident, self-directed, responsible learners.
  • Mutual respect and positive relationships enhance a student's self-esteem.
  • Communication among students, parents, faculty and staff strengthens the educational process.