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Naff, Whitney Nurse 
Womack, Janet Principal Administration 
Campbell, Robert Assistant Principal Administration 
Dewease, Andy Assistant Principal Administration 
Quinn, Cathy Administrative Office Assistant Administration - Main Office 
Hix, Kevin School Resource Officer Administration - SRO 
Ayers, Lisa Administrative Office Assistant Assistant Principals' Office 
Driscoll, Tracey Athletic Trainer/Teacher Athletics 
Pound, Chuck Athletic Director Athletics 
Shearer, Kelly Attendance Clerk Attendance Office 
Graham, Sherry Bookkeeper Bookkeeping 
McClung, Heather Dietician Cafeteria 
Breese, Tonya Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Campbell, Alicia Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Eure, Elva Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Graham, Tammy Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Nichols, Katrian Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Balthis, Chris Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Boggs, Cynthia Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Byrd, Stuart Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Conner, Julie Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Cook, Jon Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Harless, Jamie Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Mauck, Elizabeth Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Reynolds, Jane Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Rieley, Brenda Teacher Career and Technical Education 
Ha, Guy  Custodian - Head Custodial 
Carter, Michael  Custodian Custodial  
Cook, Thomas Custodian Custodial  
Deel, Jimmy  Custodian Custodial  
Lambert, Jeff Custodian Custodial  
Niday, Jeff Custodian Custodial  
Toliver, Charlotte Custodian Custodial  
Bruce, Susan ELL ELL 
Raza, Saif Teacher and Instructional Leader English 
Agee, Sherri Teacher English 
Biggio, Megan Teacher English 
Curulla, Jessica Teacher English 
Favaro, Renee Teacher English 
Forbish, Katie Teacher English 
Givens, Kathryn Teacher English 
Ingram, Bruce Teacher English 
Wimer, Tim Teacher English 
Garnett, Heather Guidance Counselor (P-Z) Guidance 
McNeilus, Allison Guidance Counselor (H-O) Guidance 
Galazka, Meredith Guidance Counselor (A-G) Guidance 
Gregory, Courtney Administrative Assistant Guidance 
Crain, Nicole Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Damewood, Shirley Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Johnson, Connie Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Lewis, Laura Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Nichols, Morgan Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Snell, Brenda Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Thomas, Brenda Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant 
Wagner, GG Instructional Assistant Instructional Assistant  
Johnston, Debbie Library Aid Library 
Lively, Kendel Librarian - Instructional Leader Library 
Browning, Matthew Teacher and Instructional Leader Math 
Burton, Julie Teacher Math 
Corl, Rod Teacher Math 
LaVenture, Lauren Teacher Math 
Smith, Todd Teacher Math 
Strickland, Anna  Teacher Math 
Taylor, Brandon Teacher Math 
White, Robert Teacher Math 
Young, Heather Teacher Math 
Underwood, Candace Teacher and Instructional Leader Physical Education 
Baker, John Teacher Physical Education 
Bednarek, Jamie Teacher Physical Education 
Conner, Chad Teacher Physical Education 
Eubank, Mark Teacher Physical Education 
Shockley, Cheryl Teacher Physical Education  
Caldwell, Chris Teacher and Instructional Leader Practical and Fine Arts 
Bremner, Joel Teacher Practical and Fine Arts 
Chase, Ingrid  Teacher Practical and Fine Arts 
Kapral, Patti Teacher Practical and Fine Arts 
Gunter, Beth Psychologist Psychologist 
Hatcher, Ashley SAP Counselor SAP 
Roberts, Shelly School Testing Coordinator/Remediation & Math Teacher School Testing Coordinator & Math 
Poston, Jason Teacher and Instructional Leader Science 
Eversole, Susan Teacher Science 
Foltz, Julie Teacher Science 
McLaughlin, John Teacher Science 
Parker, Grace Teacher Science 
Snyder, Heather Teacher Science 
Walton, Peter Teacher Science 
Wimmer, Mary Katherine Teacher Science 
Wright, Dei Teacher Science 
Pyne, Katie SLP SLP 
Rader, Eric Teacher Social Students 
Martin, Michael Teacher and Instructional Leader Social Studies 
Aliveto, Josh Teacher Social Studies 
Bolton, Lynne Teacher Social Studies 
Harbison, Doak Teacher Social Studies 
Humphreys, Lynne Teacher  Social Studies 
Hupp, Greg Teacher Social Studies 
Pence, Larry Teacher Social Studies 
Suters, Melissa  Teacher Social Studies 
Hughes, Whitney Social Worker Social Worker 
Fralin, Glenda Teacher and Instructional Leader Special Education 
Baldacci, Carrie Teacher Special Education 
Benson, Rory "Tater" Teacher Special Education 
Bleecker, Doug Teacher Special Education 
Mooty, Debbie Teacher Special Education 
Stahl, Katherine Teacher Special Education 
Torrance, Isla Teacher Special Education 
Wilmouth, Rachel Teacher Special Education 
Wirt, Michelle Teacher Special Education 
Wright, Tonya Teacher Special Education 
Mike Moser ITRT Technology 
Simpson, Brenda Technology Technician Technology Technician 
Scott, Laura Teacher and Instructional Leader World Languages (French) 
Amos, Melissa Teacher World Languages (Spanish) 
Hill, Brian Teacher World Languages (Spanish) 
Kerr, Sarah Teacher World Languages (Spanish) 
Lewis, Mary Teacher World Languages (Spanish) 
Stritesky, Irma Teacher World Languages (Spanish) 
Showing 117 items