The Cavalier Bands

The Lord Botetourt High School Cavalier Bands have performed across many states, at various contests, parades, and festivals, for thousands of people.  Being a member means becoming part of a tradition, which is growing better each year.  As a member and part of this tradition, you will have responsibilities and obligations to meet.  We expect you to do your part – be at rehearsals, practice individually, participate in fundraisers, etc… Most of all, we expect that in everything you do, both inside and outside of our program, you will strive for excellence. In all aspects of their lives, our members will excel at what they choose to do.

You will find a cross-section of the school in our band.  We have athletes, scholars, and socialites.  We have leaders in virtually every club and activity in the school.  Many of our members will attain scholarships to college, not just in music, but in many areas.  This is a winning team with a rich tradition of which you are now a vital part.  As with any activity, you get out of it what you put into it.  We want the best for you, and that is the reason we demand the best from you.  You have the opportunity to enjoy some great times as part of this band, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

It is my hope that this webpage will help our program to continue grow in many aspects.  The page is still underdevelopment so watch for updates and improvements.

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