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  • Liz McCall started BCPHS in 2001, wanting to meet others with Pulmonary Hypertension
  • In 2007 BCPHS became a registered charity of Canada
  • BCPHS has an annual symposium on PH in Vancouver BC
  • We will continue our fight against PH

  • To be an advocate for those living with PulmonaryHypertension
  • To promote public awareness of PH through education
  • To provide support to patients and caregivers affected by PH
  • To support research and education of healthcare professionals
  • To raise funds to meet the objectives set by the society

Contact Information


BC Pulmonary Hypertension Society 

6032 Canada Avenue

Duncan, BC  V9L 1V3

Phone contact: :  250-597-7992

Roberta Massender- President roberta@bcphs.org

Roberta Massender became involved with the Pulmonary Hypertension community when her niece, Nicole Harrison, was diagnosed with PH in November 2000. Roberta and Nicole worked alongside Elizabeth McCall, President and founder of the BC Pulmonary Hypertension Society (“BCPHS”), the volunteer board members and friends to support the PH community and raise awareness of this rare disease. Nicole lost her fight with PH in March 2006. Roberta joined the Board of Directors of BCPHS and serves as President. Roberta was elected to the Board of Directors of PHA Canada in 2012 and participates on a number of sub-committees. Roberta works in the financial services industry. Roberta lives in Richmond, BC with her husband Bill and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Margaret Lehmann - Secretary marg@bcphs.org

Margaret was introduced to Pulmonary Hypertension in 2000 when her best friend Elizabeth McCall was diagnosed with this disease. She recalls her initial shock followed by fear of the unknown and all the unanswered questions as she witnessed her friend trying to come to terms with this disease. Margaret is proud to work with the many other volunteers of BCPHS to create awareness of PH and to foster the "PHENOMENAL HOPE" for a cure. Margaret's history in nursing has been primarily in acute care on an orthopedic surgical unit, with additional experience in medical and long term care settings. 

Betty Ross - B.O.D. betty@bcphs.org