Welcome to Barcelona Toastmasters Club!

Are you interested in improving your communication and leadership skills?

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Barcelona Toastmasters is a public speaking Club and a member of Toastmasters International, which aims to help its members become better communicators and leaders in their personal and professional lives. whether by giving presentations, leading teams or coaching others.

Our club is bilingual English & Spanish, a feature which is highlighted by the fact that our members come from a wide variety of places: Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and beyond.

If you want to join or meetings, our sessions are every Wednesday, from 19h45 to 21h15. The sessions are in  C/ Torres i Amat, 21, 1º, Barcelona - Coworkidea

Please click here to plan your next visit to one of our meetings. 

Why should you join Toastmasters?

There are three reasons why you may want to consider joining Toastmasters:

- because you feel nervous every time you have to speak before an audience. Your stress prevents you from thinking fast and making clear statements. Or if you don’t have difficulties speaking in public, you feel like you can improve…

- because you want to practice leading a team without the stress of the working environment. In Toastmasters, you are encouraged to fail because this is the only way to learn. In the real life, it can be more complicated.

- because you just want to meet great people from across the globe, create new friendships and have fun!

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