6th Grade Math Syllabus-Home

Syllabus 6th Grade Math


Mrs. Wingfield

Bethany Community School

1288 Hudson Road, Summerfield, NC 27358

336-951-2500   email: mwingfield@bcmschool.org

School website: http://www.bcmschool.org  Class website:


Preparation: Always come to class prepared. Unless told otherwise, always bring your book, math notes, homework, pencils, colored pencils, and paper.


Homework 10%          Projects 10%               Classwork 10% Quizzes 30% Tests 40%

What to Expect from 6th Grade Math: As a 6th grader, you will be given more responsibility. You are responsible for keeping up with  your work and taking notes in class. Please remember that you must ask questions if you do not understand. This is also your responsibility. Items for your daily planner will be posted on the board as you enter the classroom. It is your responsibility to copy this daily.

Classwork/Homework: Students will have homework Monday-Thursday. This should take between 30-45 minutes each night. We will complete Minute Math activities in class the first 3 minutes of class, then check the Minute Math and the previous night’s homework. We will then begin notetaking for vocabulary and the day’s lesson objective. If you miss some of the notes and have internet access, these notes will be available by the end of the school day for internet viewing on our class website. Every student will receive a textbook for completing classwork and homework assignments. There is an online version of this textbook. There is a link for it on the class website.There are also multiple videos added with each mathematical topic and websites for practice. Please take advantage of these. They are great ways to see many different versions of how to do the problems. Tests will take place every 2 weeks, as we finish a unit. Quizzes will take place as we finish a topic and will be announced at least one day in advance and written in planners. Please keep in mind that this will include vocabulary.

Calculators: Students may check their work with a calculator AFTER showing all work.

ANY WORK turned in without showing work will be given back to the student to complete prior to grading.

ABSENCES: If you know you will be absent for any reason, please let me know and I will try my best to gather your work to send with you. Students have one day for each day absent to make up any work. It is the student’s responsibility to get notes either from the website, from me, or from a friend. It is also the student’s responsibility to visit the absent student folder to obtain their work.


Classroom Rules and Expectations: These rules are schoolwide and posted in every classroom.

  1. Listen the first time

  2. Only speak when you are called upon

  3. Only leave your seat with permission

  4. Do not touch others.

  5. Be respectful. Always.


  1. Warning

  2. Refocus sheet (student is given time to write out thoughts in another 6th grade teacher’s classroom). 3 refocus sheets in one 9 week period=office referral

  3. Contact parent by phone/email/note. Students will be asked to explain to parents why they are calling prior to speaking to a teacher.

  4. Office referral

Please read the student handbook and policies in your student’s planner. Be sure to go over this together and make certain you understand BCS expectations.

Student signature ____________________________________________date_____________

Parent signature _____________________________________________date_____________


Class Material List

5 Subject Composition Notebook--no binders, no single subject notebooks

Mechanical pencils and lead

Colored pencils

Red or blue ink pen

Loose leaf paper

1 folder with pockets

Earbuds (DollarTree earbuds are fine.Keep in a baggie with your name on them).


Wish List--    an electric pencil sharpener

Dry Erase markers

2 boxes of tissues per student

Clorox Wipes

Extra loose leaf paper, pencils, colored pencils