Greetings to our Western Pennsylvania friends !!!

We're up and running again after years of being idle, having not had control of the domain.  Yet we hope that the truth shall prevail like never before this time, now that the founder and his team are back in the driver's seat!

We would invite folks to visit the other truth central sites as we build (rebuild) this one.  Thank you for your patience!   

But for starters, we have been learning that it is time to bypass the generic stuff that most people already know in recent times, thanks to many "sea of glass" "truthers" like many of you that are growing out there, and go straight to the point of what we are finding as the only real solution, a government set up so that we can all be free, or...
"A Government Built On LOVE"!

If you haven't heard this concept before, please feel free to consider even just the first fifteen minutes or so of the first audio here, and let us now what you think.

Those who know us from the past, we'd love to hear from you again, and of course we'd love to hear from new folks as well!
Any and all, feel free to send comments and thoughts to:
(flagship site: www.bmin.us

Still in New Kensington (a little north east of Pittsburgh), but at a slightly different address nowadays, the headquarters for the Truth Central family of serious people is still operating and as always, eager to meet new hearts and faces that would like to help spread the truth with us!
As the original Truth Central, this group has the staff that is teaching the other locations, and of course, we can always use more volunteers and yes, that also means folks who would enjoy distributing materials and teaching others what we have learned !

Drop us a line and get to know us as we finish constructing our new network of websites over the next few weeks, and become a part of the team that is going to make the biggest dent in bringing down the goliaths that are beginning to teeter!

email us at dwaine@bcmin.us if you want to get to know us a little better! ...or, if you'd just like to be added to our mailing list, just let us know !

"He that tells the truth shall be chased from seven villages" (ancient Semite saying)

Never fear the truth, fear the absense of it!