9th Grade English

Semester 2 Final

Friday May23, 2013

Today is students’ free choice - they can choose to define, explore and write two of the following poem types:

Free Verse: Poetry that does not have a fixed rhyme scheme or rhythm. Unstructured and open poem. Began in the early 20th Century to break free of the formality and rigidity of the poetry of the time.

Ode: very formal poems written in iambic pentameter. Traditional odes are written for a chorus (or at least, the idea of a chorus), and are broken down into three 10-line stanzas - one half of the chorus reads the first set of lines, the other half reads the middle set, and both together read the end, which ties everything together. Traditional odes celebrate or praise more abstract topics, such as cities, concepts, and famous events or people. English odes (also called homostrophic or homerian odes) are more structured, but written about more personal topics. English odes also have ten lines to each stanza, and are written in iambic pentameter. One typical rhyme format for an English ode is ABABCDECE

Parody Poems: A parody is a humorous copy of an existing work. If you write a parody of a poem, you will write a poem that looks and sounds like the original, but is humorous - either making fun of the original, or making fun of something else. One thing, you need to be totally familiar with the original poem so that you can copy it. You can use some of the same words or phrases. I have also seen ones that used all of the same last words of each line but changed the others.

Have them add these to their ibooks. They can also start putting on the final touches on their ibooks. These will be due on Wed. of next week!

Place to find poems
Don't forget to look at tumblr and blogs for inspiration as well!

Business Letter to the School Board arguing For or Against Shakespeare in the classroom.

Please use business letter format.

Your paragraphs should be as follows:

Par. 1 - Introduction. Who you are, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, etc.

Par. 2 - For or Against Shakespeare in the classroom. Must include at least 3 specific reasons why. (f this par. gets too long you may divide up into 2 pars.)

Final Par. - Call to action, a summary of what you wrote, thank you

Guidelines for Response:

Must move the writer forward, no critiques or judging.

1. Address them by name

2. 2-3 sentences about something specific - “this is good” will not work

3. Sign your name at end

Letter Format (Use the "Friendly" example)

Romeo and Juliet Blogs URL

Feb. 4, 2013
Today you are creating a Prezi about your country/report to share with the class on Tues. I want everyone to use Prezi because of the new options added. If you do not have an account you will need to create on. Remember - the Zebra is your friend!  If you do not know how to use Prezi first attempt to figure it out yourself. If you still cannot figure it out sit by someone who knows how to use it or google it (I am sure there are tutorials that will help you)
Your Prezi must contain, but is not limited to:
1. Picture(s) of your country
2.Picture of your flag
3. Embed the country's National Anthem
4. 10+ facts that you learned about your country/topic from your research


FLEE Map Due Friday 1/18


25 Minute Narrative Quick Write
Today you will write for 25 mins about what "Living in Iowa" means. You must start your essay with a brief intro. of yourself, your family, and how long you have been in Iowa. This intro. should be story-like in nature and of casual tone, almost like you are talking with someone. After the intro. Consider the following for body paragraph ideas:
1. Why living in Iowa is the BEST.
2. The Not-so-good parts about living in Iowa.
3. What values, morals, benefits does one gain from living in Iowa.
4. How your education, interests, activities are influenced by living in Iowa.
5. The seasons in Iowa. 
(These are just ideas. You do not have to include any of these if you choose not to)

Remember - be specific, invite the reader into our summers, our small town, our cornfields etc. through stories you weave - Connect with the senses so they can feel the humidity, smell the corn, etc.  

Citing Website:
You need to cite 7 websites focused on one keyword.
1- Wikipedia
1 - SIRS found here name - 0540bcluwh password aea267
5 - other and different website! 
TOTAL of 7

MLA Citing:

Watch Video for explanation 

YouTube Video

Here is Document 

Cite 10 books on a document and alphabetize by author's last name! Do Not number or bullet, just double space the document 

Giver Collaborative Assignment 

Using the limited omniscient viewpoint gives the author the ability to 'tell' us things we would not ordinarily know as readers. The viewpoint is limited because Lowry needed to be inside Jonas's head, but the viewpoint is not uniquely in first person because of need to retain ambiguity in the ending of the story. According to the author, it would be impossible to be in first person and leave the ending open-ended.

Because of this, you can imagine there might have been some unusual experiences happening in the community Jonas and Gabe left behind. We would like you to create some visuals that would be reminiscent of the experiences that people in the community might have as the memories are returning to them. 'Discuss' with your partner which memories you would like to give back to the community. Decide how you would like to represent them visually, and work together to write about them to explain what you are representing. You should use google presentation to work along with your partner to create and present visuals that represent these returning memories. You can use picmonkey, or any other photo editing site to add color to gray-scale pictures. You should add text that explains and any other element that you feel might represent new learning for these individuals. At the end of the presentation, each group member will write and insert a 1-2 paragraph reflection outlined in the rubric below! 

Giver Gpreso Rubric

5-8 Blog Post
Choose one of the following to write a post about:

1. Evaluate and Judge --- The morning ritual and the sharing of dreams.

2. Take a Stand --- The assignment of jobs to people in Jonas's community.

Giver Collaboration 

Giver Collab

Real-World Writing Purposes

The Giver
We are going to collaborate with a class from Janesville while we read the giver. We will use blogs as part of the discussion. Please set up your blog today. You may use blogger (attached to your school email already) or wordpress. Please title your blog first name, last initial and class period number - Shaelynnf3. When done please submit your blog homepage below into the form!  Please help each other learn! This will be new for many of you! 
You will need to post your first entry entitled "Utopia" and write what we shared yesterday in class.

When completed please read The Giver chaps. 1-4 for Tues. The back of the worksheet is due that day as well!

Thank You 

The Giver Blog Adresses

Peer Editing

LADY or the Tiger? Assignment for Wed./Thurs.

1. Write an ending to the story starting from page 19, “Her right arm lay upon the cushioned parapet...”  EVERYONE must write their own ending, It must parallel the narrator’s voice, using difficult vocab. and conversational tone - Endings must be longer than one page - You have all of Wed. to write - must have completed story by Thursday to share with their groups


2. On Thursday -get into small groups of no larger than 5  - read all of the endings and decide which one to create a silent video based upon. You may use body language, setting, lighting, costumes, camera angles, sound effects, sub-titles, etc.

Free Music to explore 

3. We will work on this Friday as well, final project is due Tuesday of next week.

Welcome 2012-2013

Book Number



May 8th - 

We have started The Odyssey and have been focusing on the “Hero’s Cycle” students need to get into small groups and take still photos depicting each stage. They are to use their computer, and all group members must be in at least one picture. 

1. The hero possesses super natural ability
2. Quest
3. Aid of helpers
4. Trials
5. Visit to a mythical place often barred from humans
6. Reaches a low point
7. A resurrection
8. Restitution - hero completes quest

Must collect and display each picture using whichever type of app they choose. All must be labeled as well.


You will write a MLA research paper about a country from your ethnic background.  


*3 page minimum, 5 page maximum

*4 sources (at least 1 print and 1 electronic)

*5 in-text citations

*Must follow MLA paper formatting

*No larger than 12 point font in Times New Roman

*Must contain a Works Cited page at end of paper

You will turn in the following:

*Note Cards


*Rough Draft

*Final Copy

Due Dates:

Note cards  _______________

Outline       ________________

Rough Draft  _______________

Final Paper  _____________

Final Assignment
*See attached sheet at the bottom entitled "Shakespeare Letter" 

Monday, Feb 27
*Finish reading Romeo and Juliet Act 4
*Define the following terms in a blog post Label it "Act 4 Terms": 
1. Simile
2. Personification
3. Pun
4. Hyperbole
5. Dramatic Irony
*When done with blog post please take the following internet quiz over Act 4 to test your knowledge and understanding Link
You must push the start button. make sure to spell character names correctly - Friar Lawrence, Juliet, Romeo, and for Lord Capulet just write "Capulet"

Blogging Community Links

Act 3 Words to consider for Post

anon—right now, OR “I come right away”……. “Anon, good nurse!  Speak!”


art—are, OR skill……“Thou art  dead; no physician’s art can save you.”


dost or doth—does or do……“Dost thou know the time?”


ere—before……“We must leave ere daybreak.”


fain—gladly……“I fain would bake Mr. Love cookies if I could get an A.”


fie—an exclamation of dismay or disgust……“You cheated?  Fie upon it!” OR “Fie!  Are you mad?”


hark—listen……. “Hark to the owl,” OR “Hark!  The herald angels sing!”


hence—away…..“Get thee hence, beggar!”  OR “We must hence before the army arrives.”


hie—hurry……“Hie thee hence, or lose your life!”


hither—here…..“Come hither, young lad.”


thither—there……“Look to the east—thither doth the sun arise.”


hath—has……… “He hath killed many a man.” OR “He hath a horse.”


ho—hey (roughly equivalent). “Lucius, ho!”  [Brutus calling his servant] 


mark—pay attention to…….. “Mark my words.”


marry—indeed……“He says I should respond quickly; marry, I want to.”


pray/prithee—a polite way of asking something……“I prithee answer the question.”


saucy—cheeky; sassy……“Hence, thou saucy boy!”


sirrah—a term of address used for inferiors……“Sirrah, bring the letter over here.”


thee—you……“When will I see thee next?”


thou—you……“Thou art a villain.”


thy—your……“Thy name is more hateful than thy face.”


whence—from where…….. “Whence came that news?” OR “Return to whence you came.”


wherefore—why……“Wherefore dost thou leave?”  OR “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” [As in, “why can’t you be someone else, whom my family doesn’t hate?”]

Romeo and Juliet
Link to interactive folio... Here

Watch this first 
Poetry Outloud  (discuss as a class what makes it good)
Then go to this site to look for a poem to present and also presentation tips. Here
You can present any poem you wish, try to shoot for one about 1 minute in length.
Print off poem! 
Last 15 minutes of class you will read it out loud! Practice Practice Practice! 

Poetry Sites to Explore for the Poetry Slam

New Year's Resolution Poem

Friday, December 9th Assignment

Please Read the Carl Sandburg Poem Chicago HERE
Then watch this short tutorial about PERSONIFICATION
How does Sandburg personify Chicago in his poem? Discuss
Then - write your own poem about your hometown! Try to use personification just as Sandburg did. Please post on your blog! 
If you get done, read and comment on blogs (Waukon did this same Hometown poem)

Prepositions with Zombies 

Zombie Prepositions

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