Quinto grado (Fifth grade)

¿Qué pasa en quinto grado?

(What’s up in fifth grade?)



¡Saludos! Greetings! The fifth graders learned a few more “ar” verbs in the first week. They practiced writing complete sentences using the different subjects learned and the new “ar” verbs. Later, they learned how to study for a variety of different classes as well as practice not only musical instruments, but various sports as well.

Beginning the second week, they learned the final “ar” verb for ‘to swim’ and prepared themselves for the quiz. At the end of the week, the fifth graders took the quiz after “acting out” the meaning of each “ar” verb.

Right now, that brings us to last day of español for the year. By God’s grace and all your prayers throughout the year we have had a very successful second year in Spanish! May God bless your summers and ¡Nos vemos en el próximo! (See you next year!) ¡Hasta luego!

  Here is a list of words the students worked on since the last update:


1.      para la clase de – for the class of

2.      matemáticas – mathematics

3.      ciencias – science

4.      estudios sociales – social studies

5.      Biblia – Bible

6.      música - music

7.      practicar – to practice

8.      nadar – to swim

Other words we have explored/ reviewed thus far:

1.      Yo toco el ojo. – I touch the eye.

2.      Tú tocas las orejas. – You (amigo/a) touch the ears.

3.      Él toca la boca. – He touches the mouth.

4.      Ella toca la cabeza. – She touches the head.

5.      Usted toca el codo. – You (formal) touch the elbow.

6.      Nosotros tocamos la espalda. – We touch the back.

7.      Nosotras tocamos el pie. – We (girls only) touch the foot.

8.      Ellos tocan la mano. – They touch the hand.

9.      Ellas tocan el brazo. – They (girls only) touch the arm.

10.  Ustedes tocan el mentón – You all touch the chin.

11.  hablar – to speak

12.  Yo hablo por teléfono con mis amigos. – I speak on the phone with my friends.

13.  estudiar – to study


¡Tarea! – Homework!


Have a WONDERFUL summer!