SpedEx Timeline

After an IEP has been rejected or a hearing request filed...

1.  Inquire to the SpedEx administrator <david.scanlon@bc.edu> as to whether the case may               be appropriate for SpedEx. 

2.  Ask the other party (parent or school) to agree to engage the SpedEx dispute resolution process.

3.  Parties jointly select 1-3 SpedEx Consultants they will agree on to review the case.  Notify the           SpedEx administrator of order of preference (first choice may not always be available).

4.  SpedEx administrator contracts with one Consultant to review the case. Parties are notified.

5.  School administrator facilitates permissions for Consultant to enter school facilities,                           access student records, observe, and interview appropriate school staff.

6.  Consultant then has approximately 30 school days to interview parties, which may include                 the child, observe, review relevant documents, and prepare a report advising the parties on                 FAPE and LRE to resolve their dispute.

7.  Following delivery of the report to the parties by the SpedEx administrator, parties meet to                 discuss adopting the Consultant's recommendations. If they agree, they then sign an IEP                     reflecting their agreement (suggested: agreement decision made within 10 days, with placement         of the child within 30 days). 

If they reject the Consultant's recommendations, they may pursue their due process rights...

8.  Regardless of the parties' decision, the SpedEx Consultant's report becomes part of the child's           permanent record.

9.  If the SpedEx Consultant's recommendations are adopted, parties may request the Consultant to         make a follow-up observation within 30 days of placement.

10. At the conclusion of the SpedEx process, the SpedEx administrator contacts both parties                    to solicit their opinions on the SpedEx process.

You may consult the SpedEx administrator at any stage of the process.

Please direct any questions to: Dr. David Scanlon, SpedEx Administrator at david.scanlon@bc.edu

last updated: April 30, 2018