Greg Fetzer

I'm a doctoral candidate in Organization Studies at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. My research focuses on creativity and how people find meaning and purpose at work—I study how these dynamics play out across individuals, groups, and organizations. Some of my current projects include research on how designers' careers unfold in the shadow of an eminent mentor, how quality makes work meaningful for craftspeople, and how NFL players develop positive relationships in a context of uncertainty.

My dissertation explores how creative workers persist through challenges and setbacks when working on projects with long timelines. We know relatively little about how creative workers decide when to persist vs. stop exerting effort towards developing ideas. The goal of my dissertation is to develop a process theory of how creative workers navigate these challenges through an inductive, longitudinal study of scientists, engineers, and roboticists across four organizations.

I am currently on the job market, and interested in tenure-track faculty positions in management departments. I am open to positions in both North America and Europe.

Contact Information


Phone: 801-602-3103

Office: Fulton Hall, Room 345

Boston College

140 Commonwealth Avenue

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467