Calendar Resource Owners

Calendar Resources can be rooms, projectors, or other shared resources. All BC Calendar Resources were moved to Google Calendar on June 16, 2014. 

Are you a calendar owner? Be sure to set up your calendar on Google, including sharing it with anyone you had previously shared it with.
  1. Add the calendar resource to your My Calendars list.
  2. Adjust the resource settings to either auto-accept invitations that do not conflict or automatically add all invitations to the calendar.
  3. Share the resource with whomever you want to give access to [individual people or a group (using campus groups, Google Groups, etc)].
  4. Set up resource notifications if you'd like to receive email or SMS messages whenever a resource is scheduled on a new event, a scheduled event is changed or canceled, or invited people or resources reply to an event.
For the people that you are sharing the resource calendar with, they can:
  1. Add the resource calendar to their list of Other calendars for fast and convenient viewing. 
  2. If they want, set up event notifications (email reminders) for new meetings, changed meetings, etc. for the resource calendar.