Prepare to Go Google


What you need to know 

  • Monday, June 16, is the big day.

  • Your email address will be the same, and all mail (and mail folders), contacts, and calendar data will be moved for you.

  • You are required to set up a new, Secondary Password. Before June 16, login to the BC Portal ( > My Services > Account & Personal Info > Change Secondary Password.

  • Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Outlook Web Access WILL STOP RECEIVING NEW MAIL. You’ll need to take action to access your new BC email.

  • Google Apps work best with the web browser Chrome, download and install Chrome.

  • Do NOT make any major changes within your email account (moving folders, cleaning folders, etc.). They may not be reflected in your new account after the transition.

  • While there will be no downtime, there will be an adjustment period using the recommended Google web interface to access your mail. Sign up for a class: or use the tutorials on this web site.

  • Existing group email accounts (ex., will move to Gmail on June 16, and you’ll access them using the same "username" and password you use now.

These items do NOT move to Google


  • Deleted Items

  • Trash

  • Spam

  • Rules

  • Signatures

  • Importance levels

  • Mailbox sharing

  • Messages/attachments larger than 25MB

  • Tasks

  • Notes

  • Contact Groups

  • Forwarding settings

  • Auto-reply settings

  • Color categories


  • Delegate settings

  • Meeting attachments

  • Optional attendees

  • Color categories

Important Dates

5/27 Stop any major cleaning & organizing of old (received prior to 5/27) email and folders.

6/12         Stop making changes to Calendar and Contacts.

6/16     Start using Google for email and calendar.

            How to Log in on June 16

    • No new messages will go to your old BC email account (Outlook, OWA, etc).  All incoming new mail will be directed to your Google mail account.
    • Log in on the web at:, OR reconfigure your email software (Outlook, Apple mail, Thunderbird).
    • You’ll use (not firstname.lastname) and your new, Secondary Password, to log in.

Assistance Available

  • The Help Center is available for calls anytime, 617-552-HELP.

  • On June 16 & 17, TCs, Google Guides, and ITS staff will proactively visit offices to assist.