Configure Email and Calendar Applications
You will be able to send and receive email immediately, but it can take up to a month for stable functionality. This is due to the slow initial "sync" with your Gmail account. 
During the first month, you may experience anomalies and poor search results. 
Even after the initial set up is done, you will notice some of the functionality in your email software will NOT work exactly as it did in Exchange.

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Configure Outlook with BC Google Apps (Windows)
Use Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GASMO) to sync mail, calendar events, contacts, and notes between Outlook and BC Google Apps.

System Requirements:
Outlook 2002, 2007, or 2010. GASMO is not supported for the Mac.
  1. Login to your BC Gmail account at before starting this process.
  2. Download and install Google Apps Sync on your Windows computer. 
  3. Enter the following information when prompted:
    • Username:
    • Email Address:
    • Password: Secondary Password
  4. A Request for Permission prompt appears, keep the default settings and click Accept.
  5. The Setup for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook window appears, leave everything blank and click Create profile.
  6. Click on Start Microsoft Outlook. Be sure to choose your BC Google Apps profile to begin using your new account.
  7. A synchronization window will appear showing the progress of the sync. Your initial sync can take a long time. To see your synchronization status, look at synchronization status in your system tray.
  8. Click “Close” when sync is complete. 
NOTE: Remember to keep the default settings. Changes in the default settings may result in duplicate calendar events, contacts, or notes.
Google Apps works best in the Chrome Browser. Install Chrome now!

Important Notes about GASMO: 
  • Google Apps Sync will initially download up to 1GB of email from the Google Apps Server to your desktop.
    Learn how you can change this setting.
  • Your journal entries will not synchronize with Google Apps.
More Information about GASMO: