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My Contact Groups and folder are missing after my migration to Google Apps.

You will need to set up your Contact Groups in Google, and there is a technique you can use to do so relatively easily. If you need assistance with your Contact Groups, please contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or your TC for assistance.

If you want your Contact Groups exactly as you had them in Outlook, follow the steps below to recreate your groups. It should only take a couple of minutes per group.
To create a Google Contacts Group from an email:
  1. Using a web browser, access Gmail at
  2. Find an email in your BC Gmail account that has all or most of the people you need in the Contact Group.
  3. Click "Reply to all" on the message.
  4. If you do not see the To: and CC: lines, click near the list of email addresses to force it to appear.
  5. If there are any addresses in the CC: line, drag and drop them into the To: line.
  6. Click "To:"
    1. Click "Save as Group," enter a unique group name and click Save.
    2. Click Cancel.
  7. Go to your Contacts: In the upper-left corner, click the arrow next to Mail and select Contacts.
    On the left side, under My Contacts, you should now see the new Contact Group you created.
  8. Select the new group to see the people in it.
    From here, you can add contacts to or delete contacts from this group.
If you would like to consider other options to replace your Contact Groups, see the table below to determine the best option for each Contact Group you recreate.

Feature BCPost (Listserv) Google Groups Campus
Google Contact Groups
 Acts like a folder       X
 Can send email  X X X  X
 Can include non-@BC.EDU addresses  X     X 
 Can be used to invite people to meetings   X    X

 Can be used by more than on person


Person - No

Administrative - Yes 

BCPost (Listserv)

BCPost is great for maintaining email lists that allow BC and Non-BC people to exchange emails. Learn how to get started at: | Log in to BC Post at:

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