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Launch Grants

Please see our Launch Grant Policy Page for a description of the process, timeline, deadlines. Below is a list of past and current recipients. The linked recipients below lead to blog articles about their research.

iPad Review, Nia Hays 
iBooks, Podcasts, Mindmaps Explorations, Jamie WallaceLearning Specialist at the MS
Enhancing MS Library Website PortalBeth Brooks, MS Library Director, All School Library Coordinator
iPad Research and ExporatiionRachel Jamison, MS English Teacher
Alternative Energy Kits in the Science ClassroomMaria Elena Derrien, LS Science
E-Readers in EducationHeather Lee, Lower School Librarian
The Search for Useful Technology in the Elementary ClassroomShera and Anthony, Beginners Teachers at the LS
4th Graders Create Soloar Powered VehicelsMaria Elena Derrien at the LS

Creating a Class Website Comparing Haiku & Google Sites, Leah Cataldo, US
Wood Studio Video Library and Publishing for iPad in iTunesU, Paul Ruhlmann, US
Exploring the use of the Smart Board in the language classroom, Rosario Sanchez-Gomez, US
Smartboard & Document Camera, Rachel Riemer, US
Create, Use, Share Docs and Sites for 7th Grade Advisory, Angus Means, MS Advisory
Creating a Class Website, Rachel Jamison, MS English
Explore and Research iPad, Michael Ewins, MS Science
Lure of the Labyrinth, Ellie Cowen, LS

Kindergarten iPads, Maria Barton and Ben Goldhaber, LS Kindergarten
2nd Grade Nooks, Deanne Peterson, LS 2nd grade
iPads in the LS Science Classroom, Maria Elena Derrien, LS Science
LS French and Spanish Web 2.0 Tools, Cristina Carrion Murphy and Soizick Munir, LS French and Spanish
Interactive Online program for Elementary Spanish, Carolina Gomez-Kramer, LS Spanish
iPads in the Math Classroom, Randi Currier, MS Math
iPads in the English Classroom, Betsy Canaday, MS English

iPads for Differentiation and Assessment, Lora Mazaheri and Maura Pritchard, LS 3rd grade
Music notation and skill practice, Debbie Slade, LS Music
Tree E-books, Carol Fine, LS Science
iPad Exploration for Science Instruction, Rebecca Geary, LS Admissions
iPad pilot summer prep, various 5th and 6th grade teachers, LS
Exploring Alternative Energy and Animal Behavior with Robots, Kelley Schultheis, MS Science
8th Grade Knights of Science Field Study, Science Dept, MS
Library Parent Pages, Dorothy Williams, MS Library
US History Pilot Site, Susannah Walker and Thomas Siegel, US History
iPad use in classroom, Christine Oulton, US Math
Social media in the classroom, Karina Baum, US Science
US Science iPad exploration, Science Dept, US Science

Digital Media in the Second Grade Classroom, Aaron Kellner, LS 2nd grade
math subscriptionsRachel Stevens, LS 1st grade
Evernote, Rachel Jamison, MS English
Tinkering, Wendy Svatek, MS Science
Circuit Sticker Drawings, Stephanie Moon, MS Art
Developing Instructional Videos, Mariah Napenas, US Math
Google Expertise with Haiku influence, Gabriela Gonzenbach, US Spanish
iPads in the Forensics Classroom ,Lisa Conway, US Science 
Blogging site, Amani AbuShakra, US Arabic

Using Technology to Support Personal & Professional Wellbeing, Daisy Pellant, LS Counselor
GoPro Exploration, Ben Goldhaber, LS Kindergarten
Science Evernote Portfolios, Maria Elena Derrien, LS Science
Exploring Digital Portfolios in the Classroom, Marissa Clark and Cris West, LS Beginners
Going Paper-Free as Grade Dean, Miles Billings, MS History
Characterization in The Outsiders, Betsy Canaday, MS English
Use of Sketch Up in Roman Architecture unit, Tony Breen, MS Latin
Blended Research Course, Gustavo Carrera, US History
iPad and Social Media classroom integration, Rosario Sánchez Gómez, US Spanish
Creating Instructional Videos and Historical Documentaries, Susan Glazer, US History
3D printer, Christian Tonsgard, Jennifer Long, US Art and Science
Website design and construction, Meena Kaur, US Community Service