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Level One Smartboard Use

SmartTech Level 1 Review Documentation

scroll down to view TUTORIAL for Smart Board.pdf (attached at the end of the page)

Digital ink layer
This tool that comes with smartboard drivers that come with board. The Invisible layer - You can write a note on the desktop, or on top of application like the firefox browser.
        * New screen- erases so you can keep going
        * Click the camera icon to save a Screen capture. This saves in notebook file currently open as the last page in the file using the order you took screen captures of the screens, or the saving process creates a new SmartFile called untitled
In notebook you can separate the background from ink layer:
Use drop down menu on item on right, undo grouping and you can delete a layer selected after. Individual keystrokes of pen are individual objects (after the ungrouping), so you can select all and group, can convert those pen strokes to text
You need to do Save As
        * Close button

        “Click here to restore” after closing ink layer

        The Undo button on floating toolbar makes the last layer come back

Virtual transparency sheet on top of open window
1. On computer Desktop
2. Inside a Website
3. In a PDF reader file

Ink aware applications
Microsoft Office
Write with pen, you can convert to text or save as an image like clipart
On the Mac OS, you have to write print (pc can be print or cursive) to convert to text. Sometimes on the Mac, the digital ink layer opens instead of giving you the desired ink aware application

Highlight text, click on drop down menu, select link option, copy and paste or type site manually OR choose another page from within this file OR another file on computer (word document, PDF file, etc.) OR attachment within

When adding attachments to notebook files, can insert copy of file, which increases size of notebook files as it embeds in entirety, OR can insert link, which doesn’t work if you move the original file (from your desktop to your my docs for example) or move to another computer
                (I asked after the session, and you can include a link (shortcut or alias) to a file on a networked folder, and still be able to access it from computer to computer as long as you login as yourself.  In some cases this is better because you might want to link to a file that is updated frequently)

Drawing tools toolbar
        you can resize with a corner
        put shape back in toolbox when done by clicking on selector arrow
        click on border of shape, select properties from dropdown menu
        you can also use paint bucket icon in toolbar
You can store 6 favorite fonts into text shortcut on toolbar
        you can just click on screen and start typing with computer keyboard or smartboard keyboard
        customization- first position is default font, select any font, in properties tab (last in list of 4 on side of screen) change color, size, style, etc.

Inserting images

Copy/cut and paste:
Google image, search, click on thumbnail, see fullsize version, drag and drop into a Notebook file (hover over taskbar until notebook file opens)

You can embed only flash files in the NoteBook software
But can link to other formats to be played in another application (these have to be launched in separate software not using the NoteBook software)

Ordering/hide and reveal (for interactivity) and other NoteBook software tools
1. Drag and drop shape to reveal correct answer below- Shapes with fill covering text, done with ordering objects (answer is bottom layer, shape is top layer)

2. Magic tunnel tool
        Box of Blue on left, yellow on right (text is the reverse, yellow on left, blue on right) drag and drop text from left box to right, yellow text will appear on left, blue text will appear when dragged to right (mouse cursor selection in text box in notebook file to highlight text and change its color)
*cheat sheet on USB drive
(like state and capitol)

3. Magic magnifying glass tool
Text is same color as image it is on tope of (can change color of text by editing object with eyedropper after a single click, on a mac doesn’t work with eye dropper in doubleclick), magnifying glass is layer between picture and text
Drag magnifying glass over image, and you can see text above it
(like picture of animal with proper spelling)

4. Infinite Cloner tool
select object, use dropdown to create infinite cloner, can drag and drop as many objects as desired (like weather charts)

5. smart notebook software keyboard shortcuts (listed in object’s right click menu)
perfect shapes shift
Cloning ctrl-d
Group ctrl-g
Ungroup ctrl-r
Lock ctrl-k
Unlock ctrl-j

Svetlana Grinshpan,
Sep 13, 2011, 11:25 AM