Technology = the tools students use to support and show their learning.

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Parents: please contact your campus' main office for help with any BB&N technology systems.
Students: please contact your campus-based academic specialist listed below. 
Faculty and Staff: After checking for a solution in our help files linked above, please email "Help" from within your BB&N email account. You can also view and submit help tickets by logging into our help desk system. If you have a question about how to use technology, or how to integrate it into your teaching, please contact your campus-based academic specialists listed below. If you have audio-visual needs for an event you are running, please fill out the Event Request Form.  

Department of Information Technology:

The purpose of the BB&N Information Technology Department is to ensure reliable and robust digital systems for 
teaching, learning and the administration of the school, and to support the adoption of these tools.

Technical Personnel Technology Integration Mentors
Kevin Huang
Network & Technical Projects Manager 
(617) 800-2751

Hong Man Chan
Technical Support Manager
(617) 800-2752 

Kwok Wong
MS Technical Support, AS Data/AV Cabling
(617) 800-2754

Serge Mathieu

(617) 800-2716

Tony Cai
LS Tech Support, AS Database & Phones Specialist
(617) 800-2755

Samson Po
US Technical Support 
(617) 800-2753

Mickey Hardt
Lower School Technology Integration & Makerspace Mentor 
(617) 800-2491 

John Cumberbatch
Lower School Technology Teacher and Support Specialist
(617) 800-2491

Svetlana Grinshpan
Middle School Technology Integration Mentor 
(617) 800-2372 

Krina Patel
Upper School Technology Integration Mentor 
(617) 800-2219 

Demetri Orlando
Director of Information Technology 

""Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. 
Human beings are incredibly slow, 
inaccurate and brilliant. 
Together they are powerful beyond imagination." - Albert Einstein