Event Request Process & Forms

There are two steps to planning an event. The first is to get a date, time, room reservation through our calendar approval form, and the second step is to get all the details of your event sent to facilities/dining/technology by filling out the event setup form. These two forms are linked below...

1. Date & Time and Room Approval Form: Master Calendar Request Form

Parents: At least one month prior to your event, communicate with the Parents Association event coordinator for your campus to select a possible date, time, and room location. Take this information to your campus administrative assistant (listed below).  If calendar approval is necessary, they will direct you to fill out our online Master Calendar Request Form or else direct you to the next step. You will hear back within one week whether your event has been approved. You may then fill out the Event Setup Request Form linked below in Step 2.
Lower School: Sharon Cumberbatch, scumberbatch@bbns.org and Beth Brown, bbrown@bbns.org 
Middle School: Anne Coughlinacoughlin@bbns.org 
Upper SchoolLinda Curran, lcurran@bbns.org 

At least one month prior to your event, communicate with your campus admin to select a tentative date, time, and room location. If Master Calendar approval is needed the campus admin will facilitate that process or direct you to the next step in the process.

2. Event Setup Request Form: Event Setup Request Form

At least one week prior to your event you must fill out our online Event Setup Request Form to submit facilities, dining, and/or technology needs. Please do NOT fill out this form unless you have followed Step 1 above. For food prices and considerations, please consult the Dining Services website before filling out the form. If alcohol will be served at your event, please check that box on the form (alcohol is only allowed at our 46 Belmont Street location, and only with prior approval from Mr. Haskins.) Upon filling out this form you will receive a calendar invite for your event. If the details of your event change you can email us and we'll update those details in the calendar event details.