Welcome to the physical education website for BB&N Grades 4-6.
This website was developed as a resource for both parents and students at the lower school in grades 4-6. Coach Bourget will be the lead physical education teacher for these three grades.  Carolann Loftus will be the lead teacher contact for girls' sports in grade 6.  Feel free to contact Coach B or Coach Loftus anytime with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns that you may have.
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Dear 4th, 5th, and 6th grade parents,

 My name is Ed Bourget and I will be teaching physical education to your child this year at the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School.  The physical education curriculum is based on team sports with a focus on individual skill development, sportsmanship, as well as nutrition and physical fitness.  Your child will be introduced and exposed to all of the team sports that are offered at the middle school level.  I understand that all children are not fond of athletics, but with the help of using three motivational theories, I will try my best to make sure that each child has an equal opportunity to succeed in the physical education classroom.

The three motivational theories that will be incorporated into the classroom, through lesson planning and activities, are the Self-Determination theory, the Expectancy-Value Theory, and the Social-Cognitive Theory. I will briefly describe each theory, and how I plan to implement it in the physical education class to benefit each and every student.

The Self-Determination Theory simply states that there are three types of motivation that each person can possess, which are self-motivated, motivated by reward, and not motivated.  Most students at BB&N do not display the unmotivated behavior in class, so I will try to create exercises in skill building for each sport so that each child will want to seek improvement.  I will begin each unit with group work in the simple skills of each sport so that every child feels comfortable.  Each unit will also end with a scrimmage game, which will motivate the children to do well during the unit so they can participate fully in the contest.  Each class will also contain some type of game revolving around a skill, so the students have something to look forward to each day.

The Expectancy-Value theory simply states that children will look at the value of a task as well as their chances to be successful in completing that task.  Each day in physical education there is a warm up activity, two skill-building activities, and a concluding game activity.  Beginning in grade 4, all students will be introduced to proper stretching and warm-up techniques as well as skill development.  Each successive year that they have in physical education, they will build onto the skills that they have learned from the previous year. This tiered-level approach helps the student feel comfortable with what task they are performing, thus giving them a high expectancy of success during the activity.  By concluding each unit with a game, the students see it beneficial to learn the skills that are being taught.

The Social-Cognitive Theory simply states that children will learn from each other by observation and will be more willing to learn skills that they feel they can accomplish.  There are many times during the year that the students will practice skill work in groups.  It is in this small group work that the children will be able to observe each other in a discrete manner to pick up certain movements that will help them be successful for that unit.  Students will also gain a confidence during this small group work time, because they will get more repetitions without being scrutinized by the entire class. The small groups will ensure that all students are moving and engaged, while at the same time keeping them in a private area until they gain the confidence to complete the skill effectively.

Motivation is a large part of academics as well as physical education to all students.  By carefully planning out each and every activity with regards to skill development and motivational theory, I hope to provide your child with a safe, fun, and valuable learning environment.




Coach Bourget (Coach B)