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Prioriterre is a non-profit organization fighting climate change. Prioriterre works to sustain and share planet’s natural resources by encouraging each citizen in his private or professional life to change his habits on energy, water and material products consumption. With 20 employees, Prioriterre brings concrete solutions to every part of the population. To reach this objective Prioriterre provides neutral, objective and free information and advice. Founded in 1983, Prioriterre has numerous of members such as citizens, local authorities, municipalities and private companies.

Our main actions consist in raising awareness, campaign, informing, supporting and training any interested public (large audience, local authorities, enterprises). In 2010 Prioriterre informed more than 16 000 people on energy, water and material products issues, on energy efficiency buildings, (through conferences, advices, fairs, face to face meeting, calculations) on the Haute-savoie territory.

Raising awareness, Informing and advising
The heart of Prioriterre’s job is the Advice and Information Centre. Thanks to our energy experts and advisers and our web technical information centre, we give information to general public, to professionals or representatives on high performance buildings, energy choices, sustainable consumption, new know-how and the existing assistance in these fields. Our advices can be given by phone, by e-mail, or during appointment with our advisers in our premises. For people who want to go further, a “Prioriterre Advice Diagnosis” allows them deepening the issue of energy efficiency buildings.

Prioriterre is offering its support to public organism and enterprises for leading or setting up their sustainable development programs.

Prioriterre provides targeted training sessions on themes linked to concrete applications for sustainable development. Sessions are dedicated to public and private: municipality politicians and staff, big companies as Auchan, students, etc..

BBC prioriterre
Prioriterre creates a BBC (Bâtiment Basse Consommation – Low Energy Building) certificate and develops it in order to improve the quality of building techniques.



3 rue René Dumont
74 960 Meythet, France
Project manager: Anne-Sophie Masure
Tel: 0033 450 67 17 74
E-mail: anne-sophie.masure@prioriterre.org
Website: www.prioriterre.org

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