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OÖ Energiesparverband

The OÖ Energiesparverband (ESV) is the regional energy agency of Oberösterreich/Upper Austria, a highly industrialised region in the Northern part of Austria. Since the mid-90s, Upper Austria has prioritised energy efficiency and renewable energy. Renewable energy currently supplies more than 34% of the total primary energy demand. The high share of renewable energy was achieved through comprehensive regional energy action plans. For 2030, Upper Austria has set the target to meet 100% of its space heating demand and electricity from renewable energy sources. 

The ESV is the central sustainable energy institution in Upper Austria and is responsible for the implementation of most programmes of the energy action plan. Main activities are the provision of energy advice to private households, public bodies and companies (more than 15,000 advice face-to-face-sessions/year), media campaigns, training courses (the ESV operates the "Energy Academy") and publications for different target groups. This also includes the organisation of meetings and events, e.g. the international conference World Sustainable Energy Days, one of the largest annual European conferences on sustainable energy (more than 10,000 participants from 98 countries in the last years). These programme management activities also include the regional energy R&D programme and the operation of the regional "contracting fund" for energy investments. The agency provides a number of services for municipalities, including support in tender procedures for new buildings/installations and local energy strategies.

ESV also manages the region’s sustainable energy business cluster (the Oekoenergie-Cluster, www.oec-en.at) with more than 150 partners, more than 6,200 employees and a total turn-over of 1.7 billion Euro.

On behalf of the regional government, ESV is also responsible for the management of the Upper Austrian sustainable buildings programme for new and retrofitting of domestic buildings. Since 1993, for 92,000 buildings an energy performance indicator was calculated, an energy performance certificate issued and a face-to-face advice session was carried out. One of the impacts of the programme is a decrease of the average energy performance indicator for new homes from 57 kWh/m²,a (1993) to 39 kWh/m²,a (2009).

O.Oe. Energiesparverband
Landstrasse 45 - A-4020 Linz - Austria
Project manager: Christiane Egger
Tel: +43 732 7720 14380
Fax: +43 732 7720 14383
E-mail: christiane.egger@esv.or.at
Website: www.esv.or.at

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