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GreenDependent Institute

GreenDependent Institute is a non-profit research organisation. One of the aims of the organisation is to establish links between research and everyday living activities so that important findings can be disseminated, discussed and put into practice as soon as possible. For this reason GreenDependent is uniquely placed to implement international projects in Hungary as it has strong links and well-established cooperation networks with businesses, local communities and residents. Our aims include:

  • To create, research, adapt, promote and spread working models of social, environmental, and economical sustainability to individuals, communities, civil, business and governing organisations in order to create a more sustainable society.
  • To increase environmental awareness through all our communication channels, including the general public and businesses as well as the public sector.

GreenDependent Institute is well placed in the awareness raising market of these sectors, and has been active with these target groups in recent projects (for example, Kislábnyom – “Small Footprint”, EnergyNeighbourhoods2 (IEE), NZB2021 ‘Doors Open Days’ (IEE)). GDI is a supporting member of the Alliance of Climate-friendly Municipalities in Hungary.


GreenDependent Institute Nonprofit Ltd.
Official Address: 2100 Gödöllő, Éva u. 4., Hungary
Office: 2100 Gödöllő, Szent János u. 3. II/9. (bell No. 9.)
Project manager: Kristóf Vadovics
E-mail: kristof@greendependent.org
Tel:  0036 28 412 855
Website: www.greendependent.org

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