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Energy Action Limited

Energy Action was founded in 1988. One of its aims was to alleviate fuel poverty in Ireland by addressing the thermal needs of disadvantaged householders. As a result, Energy Action has been at the forefront of driving change at a political level to improve energy efficiency of older housing stock in Ireland via local and national programmes. Linked to this aim, Energy Action has been engaged in European Union programmes for more than 10 years focussing primarily on building energy research. 

Energy Action is currently the Irish partner in the IEE TABULA project (S12.528393) running from 2010 to 2012. Within TABULA, Energy Action is developing an energy-based typology of Irish residential buildings and assessing the impact of refurbishment measures including both conventional measures and renewable technologies. 

Energy Action was previously a partner in IEE DATAMINE ((2006-2008), SAVE APPEEL low income housing study (2003), INTERREG Energy Challenge Solar Water Heating (2001),  IHER SAVEII project (2000), ECOS Overture Resident Project (1999) and the Ouverture- Phare Insulate project (1996). 

Energy Action has a proud record as a leading research organisation in the field of residential building energy use, including building energy assessment, analysis of building refurbishment, development of energy plans both local and national, building energy monitoring, development of building energy-related training both for professionals and schools, software solutions  and energy advice programmes. 

Energy Action Ltd.
IDA Unit 14,Newmarket
Dublin 8,Ireland
Project manager: Michael Hanratty
Tel: +353 1 454 8300
Fax: +353 1 454 9797
E-Mail: michael@energyaction.ie
Website: www.energyaction.ie

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