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écoconso promotes a consumption that respects the principles of sustainable development. It informs and supports individuals and groups who wish to adopt consumption behaviours that preserve the environment and health, respect natural resources and share them equally between all human beings, present and to come. So that the earth can satisfy the needs of our children and their children…

How can you diminish your ecological footprint ? What can you do with your old fridge ? What are the alternatives to your car ? Where can you buy natural paint ? What does this label mean ? These questions, and much more, can be answered at the call center of écoconso (0032 81 730 730). It also offers a website (www.ecoconso.be), a newsletter, campaigns, conferences and various publications such as tips sheets and brochures.

rue Nanon 98, 5000 Namur, Belgium
Project manager: Marjan Van de maele
Tel: 0032 81 390 799
E-mail: mvandemaele@ecoconso.be
Websites: www.ecoconso.be

Visit the Belgian (Wallonia) campaign website >>>