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OÖ Energiesparverband (Austria) is the regional energy agency of Oberösterreich/Upper Austria, a highly industrialised region in the Northern part of Austria.  The ESV is the central sustainable energy institution in Upper Austria and is responsible for the implementation of most programmes of the energy action plan. Main activities are the provision of energy advice to private households, public bodies and companies, media campaigns, training courses and publications for different target groups. Read more >>>

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Bond Beter Leefmilieu (Belgium-Flanders) is the federation of Flemish Environmental NGO’s. Through campaigning, lobbying and supporting our member organisations we strive for a betterenvironment with clean air, soil and water, and thriving natural systems. O ur members include local and regional  organisations, and also national NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and Birdlife International-Natuurpunt. Energy is one of the main policy areas of work for the policy team at BBLV. Read more>>>

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écoconso (Belgium-Wallonia) promotes a consumption that respects the principles of sustainable development. It informs and supports individuals and groups who wish to adopt consumption behaviours that preserve the environment and health, respect natural resources and share them equally between all human beings, present and to come. So that the earth can satisfy the needs of our children and their children… Read more>>>

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Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH (Germany) acts as anintermediary in consultant and research issues between public  policy and private sector  activities. These activities include the development of strategies for  public environmental and energy promotion and the trust management of funds for the improvement of environmental performance in small and medium sized enterprises and municipalities, urban and regional planning and entrepreneurship for a range of governmental and private actors. Read more >>>

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 Prioriterre (France) is a non-profit organization fighting climate change.   Prioriterre works to sustain and share planet’s natural resources by encouraging each citizen in his private or professional life to change his habits on energy, water and material products consumption. Prioriterre brings concrete solutions to every part of the population. To reach this objective Prioriterre provides neutral, objective and free information and advice. Read more >>>

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GreenDependent Institute (Hungary) is a non-profit research organisation. One of the aims of the organisation is to establish links between research and everyday living activities so that important findings can be disseminated, discussed and put into practice as soon as possible. For this reason GreenDependent is uniquely placed to implement international projects in Hungary as it has strong links and well-established cooperation networks with businesses, local communities and residents. Read more >>>

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Energy Action (Ireland) was founded in 1988. One of its aims was to alleviate fuel poverty in Ireland by addressing the thermal needs of disadvantaged householders. As a result, Energy Action has been at the forefront of driving change at a political level to improve energy efficiency of older housing stock in Ireland via local and national programmes. Linked to this aim, Energy Action has been engaged in European Union programmes for more than 10 years focussing primarily on building energy research. Energy Action has a proud record as a leading research organisation in the field of residential building energy use, including building energy assessment, analysis of building refurbishment, development of energy plans both local and national, building energy monitoring, development of building energy-related training both for professionals and schools,  software solutions  and energy advice programmes. Read more >>>

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Projects in Motion Ltd (Malta) is a research organisation focusing on renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency processes and products. PiM implements renewable energy projects and conducts research for European and local government bodies, major companies and SMEs. Our aim is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and the intelligent use or reduction of energy requirements in Europe and the Mediterranean region through partnerships, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action. Moreover we strive to participate or manage collaborative projects with distributed resources, which cover innovative issues related to energy and the environment, via international cooperation or directed towards capacity building for R&D and policy. Read more >>>

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The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency KAPE (Poland) is a national sustainable energy agency. The mission of KAPE is to develop and implement sustainable energy policies in Poland successfully implementing EU energy policy into national energy sector, providing a wide range of sustainable energy services. KAPE carries out activities aimed at improving rational use of energy (RUE), promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy related environmental issues and has a highly recognised position in domestic and EU market due to years long experience in international projects.Read more >>>

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Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK (Slovenia) is an R&D and consultancy company in the building and civil engineering sector. The institute focuses several fields concerning buildings and civil engineering including RUE and RES in new construction and refurbishment, energy audits and concepts, energy-efficient and environment-conscious building materials, products, and technologies, and also other relevant fields: green labelling, green procurement, climate protection and sustainable development. The organisation is active on local, regional, national and European level. Read more >>>

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The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Sweden) is owned by the municipalities in the region as well as the regional councils in Kalmar, Kronoberg and Blekinge. It is a non-profit company that must not compete with private actors in the market for energy- and transport related services. ESS promotes continuously energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in all parts of society including heating, electricity and transport on the local, regional and European level. We support efforts towards an increased understanding of energy- and transport issues in a long-term perspective. Our goal is to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and support regional development. Read more >>>

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