Welcome to Bay View Academy!

School is just around the corner!  

Don't forget we have a Parent Kick-Off meeting for all parents K-8!

Tuesday August 9th


Lower Campus

And bring the kids and meet the K-4 teachers in your classrooms after!

Upper School Meet the Teachers Grades 7 & 8

Wednesday August 10th


Upper Campus in the classrooms

Upper School Meet the Teachers Grades 5 & 6

Wednesday August 10th


Upper Campus in the classrooms

 Supply Lists for 2016-2017                  

  Supply List for Kinder 2016-2017                                Times:  K-4 Lower Campus 8:30am - 3pm
                                                                                             Wed:  K-4 Lower Campus 8:30am - 12:50pm

  Supply List for 1st Grade 2016-2017                                       5-8 Upper Campus 8:15am - 3:15pm                                                                                                       Wed: 5-8 Upper Campus 8:15am - 1:05pm



Congratulations to BVA!  We have been awarded the title of 'Ocean Guardian School' from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agency! 

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BVA's Mission Statement

The mission of BVA is to provide rich and interactive learning opportunities that extend beyond state standards, spark imaginations and produce creative, independent thinkers.  Student-centered, interdisciplinary curricula will be developed in close partnership with local educational, cultural, and scientific research organizations to enhance learning of languages, history, the arts and sciences.  Innovative and talented teachers will engage students in learning while preparing them to become creative and compassionate members of our community.

Founded on the core principles of community, innovation, and passion for learning, BVA offers a broad academic program that sparks imaginations and produces creative and critical thinkers. Using charter school flexibility, BVA allows students to discover and pursue their interests, offers hands-on learning, actively involves parents, and extends the classroom beyond its walls into the community. 

Community involvement, including partnerships with local educational, cultural and research organizations enriches the academic program. At BVA, all children are artists, authors, scientists, musicians, and mathematicians.

Contact us at any time at (831) 717-4630 or