Ms. Gina McCullough - Program Facilitator

Bayless School District's Gifted Program

Since 1987 the Bayless School District has provided a program for gifted students. Currently, MINDGLO provides enrichment for first through fifth grade students.
The MINDGLO Facilitator uses a variety of instruments to identify gifted learners, develops program themes and curriculum, and provides instruction.
The program is funded through state and local sources and is staffed by a teacher certified in the area of gifted education K-12. 

Program Goals

  • to provide a safe, enriching and challenging environment where students are offered learning experiences not ordinarily included in the regular classroom curriculum
  • to develop students' ability to gather and apply information creatively, communicate effectively, to solve problems and make responsible decisions
  • to guide the gifted student in emotional growth and social development; providing experiences through which learners may recognize and respond to personal strengths and needs and understand the needs of others
  • to provide opportunities that encourage students to interact with intellectual peers, learn from others and to engage in friendly competition¬†
  • to provide experiences for individuals to become more independent and self-directed in continuing one's own educational progress