Hello, 2019-20 Fifth Graders,

Welcome to Bay Haven's fifth grade team!  I am so excited to have you here.  I will be teaching your reading, writing, and social studies classes.  We will work really hard but we will have fun doing it!

Mrs. Taylor is my team partner this year.  She will be teaching your math and science classes.  Together, with both you AND your parents, we will be working as a team to make sure you are successful this year, and we will be working to get you ready to be a Bay Haven middle schooler!

Are you ready for the challenge?

It'll be SO worth the ride!


Mrs. Lovett
Please see my "What are we doing this week" tab for weekly assignments and assessments.

Major happenings this week Sept. 16-20, 2019
  • Monday,  Sept. 16
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17
    • SS Ch. 3 Les. 2 QUIZ
  • Wednesday, Sept. 18
  • Thursday, Sept. 19
    • Wonders Test UNIT 1 Week 4
    • SS Ch. 3 Les. 3 QUIZ
  • Friday, Sept. 20
    • Spelling Check #4


Any student leaving school prior to dismissal will have an early dismissal logged to his/her record.  Any time a child has THREE unexcused early dismissals in one month, the parents will be sent a note reminding them of the academic mission of BHCA and requesting communication.

Excused early dismissals are given for doctor's appointments with notes from the doctor and for extreme emergencies.

After 5 unexcused early dismissals in a grading period, a letter will be sent requiring a conference to explain the seriousness of the matter and go over the consequences of another early dismissal.