Mrs. Weeks

Dear Parents and Students:
We are now beginning our third week of Distant Learning.  I have put all grades submitted to me into FOCUS.  Please be reading in your MyON account and taking those quizzes.  You must have at least two every week.  If your MyON account is not working (which is very few) you are to read a chapter book and at the end of each chapter send me a short summary of that chapter.  THIS IS ONLY IF YOUR MyON ACCOUNT IS NOT WORKING. If for some reason you get locked out of your MyON account please let me know. I can unlock you.

In order to receive any grades you must be reading at least two books a week/or two summaries from a chapter book.  This is not a lot of work compared to what we do in class so I expect you to do this.

We have finished our vocabulary book so if you want you can review but its not required from me at this time.

Please check weekly my website or Canvas and you will see all work.

Hope you are doing well. I sure do miss each and every one of you.  I miss your smiling faces coming into the classroom daily. If I can help anyone please feel free to email me at

Hope to see you soon and I need to see those quiz grades.

Mrs. Weeks