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Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science!


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We are continuing our study of the dynamics that shape Earth for the next several chapters and will then move into exploring space.  The final unit of study during the 4th nine weeks will include Earth's atmosphere, weather and climate.  


We have high expectations for our students both academically and behaviorally. We desire to motivate our students to become lifelong learners.  We believe it is important to foster a positive classroom environment and develop rapport with students and parents alike.  If you need to contact me please e-mail me directly or write a note in the student planners.

Mrs. Webb              


Text/call 620-446-9786   

6th Grade Policies and Procedures

The following are the policies and procedures of the 6th grade team.  These guidelines are implemented in all of our classrooms.  They will explain various expectations we have for both the students and the parents.  Please read carefully and sign and return the slip of paper stapled into their planner. 


It is important for students to be present and on time. Our day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 3:05p.m.  Students who are tardy must go to the front office and receive a tardy pass to be admitted to class. This school year attendance will be maintained electronically. If a student is tardy or absent you may/may not receive an automated phone call stating the tardy or absence. This is a system used by many school districts to help inform parents of a student missing classes.  Please be informed that an automated system is in place. Any student leaving school prior to dismissal will have an early dismissal logged to his/her record. Any time a child has 3 unexcused early dismissals in one month, the parents will be sent a note reminding them of the academic mission of BHCA and requesting communication.

Excused early dismissals are given for doctor’s appointments with notes from the doctor and for extreme emergencies. After 5 unexcused early dismissals in a grading period, a letter will be sent requiring a conference to explain the seriousness of the matter and go over the consequences of another early dismissal.


Classroom Rules

The first couple of weeks are an adjustment period in which students are learning my expectations for our classroom.   Please do not be alarmed if there is a note in the planner.  We are getting to know each other and trying to keep communication open.  By the fourth week, everyone should be comfortable with our schedule, expectations, and routines. Classroom and school expectations are clearly posted in each classroom.


Formative Assignments - This type of assessment is used primarily for practice and will be used as a percentage of the report card grade. 

Summative Assessment - This type of assessment is one that “sums” or measures what your child has learned.  A grade will be assigned to the work and goes in the grade book following several opportunities for the student to practice the skill.  Summative grades make up the majority of the report card grade.

Examples of summative assessments include, but are not limited to

      Performance task-The student will be asked to perform a skill such as properly

      Presentation – Student presents material he or she has learned in the form of book talks, reports, etc.

      Rubric- is used on many summative assessments. The student is assessed on a number scale according to his/her achievement.

      Technology based test-The student will use the computer to take a test or perform a task using the computer.

Grading scale:  90-100 A 80-89 B   70-79 C 60-69 D   0-59 F


6th grade students are required to keep a planner to write homework/daily assignments and important events. This is an integral part of training the students how to keep track of their daily activities. The planner is also a tool used to communicate from teacher to parent and vice versa on a daily basis. Parents will be required to sign planner daily to ensure that students have completed homework and parents are aware of daily progress and behavior. If parents need to communicate with the teacher, then they can write a note in the planner. If parent or teacher communication requires privacy, a folded note stapled in the planner on that date or a note to expect an e-mail will be written in the planner. Separate notes can be lost and are discouraged.



Since homework and class work are assigned to assess students’ learning, it is our policy NOT to accept late homework or class work for a grade.  If an assignment is not turned in at the appropriate time, the assignment will receive a grade of zero. Homework is graded on completion, therefore, when your child receives a homework grade of 100%, it indicates completion of all homework.  We do not want to penalize students that provide 100% effort, however do not have the support at home to check for accuracy.  When less than 100% is noted for the homework grade, the number indicates the percentage of completed homework.  When a student misses more than three homework assignments, the teacher will contact you through email or the planner to discuss strategies to insure homework completion.  Homework is due when the students arrive to school at 7:40 a.m. In fairness to all students, we do not accept work that is dropped off throughout the school day.  Our rationale is some parents work and are unable to leave work to bring their child’s HW to school.  We do this in order to teach accountability and responsibility and to prepare them for middle school. 

Just a reminder that repeatedly not turning in homework (including reading logs) on the assigned day and time, will adversely affect the final grade in that subject. 

Absent students are responsible for their make-up work.  Per Bay Haven policy, students will have three (3) days to get make-up work turned into the teacher.  If the work is not turned in, the student will receive a zero.  Test make-ups must be coordinated with the teacher.  Students must stay up with the current curriculum as make-up work is being completed.  Because of this we strongly encourage your child to get their make-up work ahead of time!