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Monday, May 6th

Tuesday, May 7th

Friday, May 10th

Things to Remember for 3rd Grade:

____ May 3rd: 1st Grade Fundraiser. Donate $2 and wear your favorite “Summer Destination” T-shirt with a hat and sunglasses.

____ May 6th and 7th: FSA MATH TESTING

____ May 10th: Field Day

Kindergarten and 1st grades 8:00-9:45

2nd and 3rd Grades 10:00-11:45

4th and 5th Grades 12:00-1:45

The dress code for the day will be shorts and your “Mrs. Shepard’s Sharks” class T-shirt. No denim is allowed. Shorts must be modest and in good taste. Tennis shoes must be worn, if students are not wearing appropriate shoes they will not be allowed to participate. There will be water activities so students need to bring extra shirts, but the students should remain mostly dry. Students are allowed to wear hats and sunglasses, but they cannot participate in them. Even though this is a fun day, please remember that all of the Bay Haven school rules must be followed.

____ May 10th: Long sleeve dress shirt for Science Party is due. It needs to be any color, but needs to be solid.

____ May 13th and 14th: MAP Testing in Reading and Math. Please be at school on time and rested.

____ May 14th: 3rd Grade Music Performance. Students need to be in the cafeteria dressed in red, royal blue, or white polo and khaki bottoms at 6:00. If your child has a speaking part, they will need to be here by 6:15.

____ May 15th: Volcano items due: Two packages of clay, one cleaned out can, dirt, sticks, army men, leaves, moss, etc. ( items need to be sent in a Ziploc bag)

____ May 17th: Science item for party is due (Volunteer spot email coming home)

____ May 20th: 3rd grade end of year academic awards at 9:30 in the cafeteria

____ May 20th: Build Volcanoes in class

____ May 21st: End of Year Party from 8:30- 1:00 Join us! We will have a Science themed party and a cookout. (Look for email from room mom regarding menu items needed) We

____ May 22nd: Movie and Board Game Day and Clean- up Day: Students can bring a board game, pillow and small blanket to class. They also need an extra backpack or a canvas bag (green bag) for carrying home items from their desk.

____ May 23rd: Last day of school- half day dismissal