Welcome Back, Bobcats!
I am making the transition from using my website to only using CANVAS, available through students' gmail accounts. For the first two weeks, lesson plans will be posted here, then later only through CANVAS.  
We will be walking students through accessing their gmail and CANVAS in the coming weeks in class. 

"We are Family" is our motto this year.  Along with their textbook, Florida Math and Math Accelerated,  students will be able to access an ebook online and even download it to their laptop or desktop computer at home! This online component to the textbook contains extra practice, tutorial videos and mini-quizzes to help each student.
Each student will bring home a Welcome Letter/guideline for my class.  Please review the policies with your student, fill out the contact information and return the form to me by Friday, August 16, 2018. Students are asked to keep the guidelines in their class notebook.
The lesson plans on this website are subject to change.  Students are asked to copy the lesson from the assignment board in my classroom each day.  The assignment board will always be accurate.  I will try to update the website with any changes.
The online TEXTBOOK will be available through your student's school gmail account, then go to the APP MENU to MCGRAW-HILL. This should be very helpful, especially to students that do their homework in different locations and may not have their textbooks with them.  Please see the "Textbook Video and Instructions" to learn about all of the benefits of the online textbook. 

 I hope this website is helpful to both parents and students as an additional source of information about my math classes and assignments.  I look forward to working with all of you!

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.
Tracy May