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          Mrs. Jeanine Howard

               Classroom Wish List:

     Kleenex, Expo Markers, Post It Notes, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Brightly colored copy paper


                     No metal or glass water bottles in 6th grade.  Other types of closeable water bottles are welcomed in class.

Hello!  My name is Jeanine Howard.   I am very excited to be teaching 6th grade math at North Bay Haven Charter Academy!  I have taught 6th grade math for most of my 29 years of teaching and love working with middle school students!  My husband and I have been married for 33 years and have two children and two grandchildren.  Our oldest child is an NBH Elementary teacher, our youngest child is a 2018 NBH graduate, and our two grandchildren attend NBH Elementary. 

Sixth grade information and policies are explained below.   Homework assignments for math and Pre-SAIL (Advanced)  math may also be found on my website.  Feel free to contact me via email (howarjc@bayhaven.org).  I will be happy to assist in any way possible.

Grading Policy:     Pre-SAIL Math Grade Weighting:  Tests 70%,   Quizzes/Homework/ Classwork  30%
                               Math and Intensive Math:  Tests 70%,   Quizzes/Homework/ Classwork  30%
 * Grades will be posted to Focus at least weekly.
 *  Homework must be complete, on time, have all work shown, and be graded correctly in class in order to receive credit.  No partial credit will be given.  Homework is graded at times for effort/ completion and sometimes graded for accuracy.   Incomplete homework will ALWAYS receive a grade of 0.

Textbook: Our textbook is a consumable text that is divided into two volumes.  Your book MUST be brought to class every day!!  Pages are never to be torn out of these textbooks unless you are instructed to do so.

Middle School Information and Policies
 Welcome to NBHCA middle school!  The following is some important information that will help you have a successful school year.
Come to class on time and prepared with supplies and homework assignments.
Respect classmates, teachers, staff, and parents.
Polite manners, cooperative skills, and positive attitude required.
Follow rules and teacher instructions the first time.
Use active listening skills.
Think before you act or speak.
Take responsibility for your own learning.  This includes writing down assignments, getting any makeup work completed, and giving all assignments 100% effort.
Complete assignments and turn them in by deadlines.
Ask for help when you need it.
Exhibit appropriate behavior during labs.
Grading Policy:
Grades will be based upon participation, homework, tests, quizzes, projects, daily work, and labs, as applicable.  All grades can be monitored using Focus

If grade discrepancies occur, it is the student's responsibility to provide the graded work to the teacher before the grade will be changed.
Late Work Policy:
Homework not turned in by deadline will receive a 0/F.  All other assignments will receive a 30% deduction if 1 day late and 50% deduction for 2 days late.  On the third day the student will receive a zero for the assignment.