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Upcoming Events:  
  • Friday, October 30 - Dress Like a Book Character Day
  • Wednesday, November 11 - NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

What your child is learning
October 26-30, 2020:

Language Arts: What kinds of bugs do you know about?

Phonemic Awareness: Review

Phonics: Review

Oral Vocabulary: curious, observe, process, slender, attaches
Listening Comprehension:
Ask and Answer Questions

Category Words: Movement Words

Handwriting: Review

Grammar:  Verbs

Spelling Words: 
High-Frequency Words: 

High-Frequency Word Review: 
like, a, see, we, the, I, red, yellow, can, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, black, brown, gray, white

Calendar Math
Comparing and Ordering Numbers Through 10

Science / Social Studies: 


Label, label, label – Please put your child’s name on their lunchbox, back-pack, water bottle and outerwear.

Money – All money needs to be CLEARLY labeled with your child’s name and purpose. All unlabeled money will be sent back home.

Folders – Please check your child’s folder daily. Make sure to initial the behavior page, complete homework, and log books read. Return the folder to school each day.

Uniforms – All students must wear a belt with shorts, skorts, and pants with belt loops. PRACTICE belt buckling, buttoning buttons, and zipping zippers with your child. Teachers cannot accompany students to the bathroom. Students need to be independent with clothing.

Lunch Numbers
– Please help your child memorize their lunch number. Even if your child will usually bring a lunch from home, they need to know their lunch number.