Welcome to my classroom website!  

This site contains information for each of my classes including notes, upcoming events and resources to help you pass Analysis of Functions Honors/Advanced Topics in Math or Math Analysis Honors/Algebra 2 Honors. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments. 

Need extra help?

Tutoring this year will be provided by the Mu Alpha Theta students on a rotating schedule Tuesday after school and Thursday during 0 period. There will be a math teacher in the room to provide assistance as well. Please bring your materials along with specific problems that you need to discuss. 

Let's have a great start to our 2017-2018 school year!

For Parents & Students
Quick Tips for Success

1. Check your students notebook frequently to make sure they are keeping up with the daily assignments. Lesson plans including assignments for each course may be viewed by visiting "Lesson Plans" under the appropriate class tab at the top of this page. 

2. Ipads will be used DAILY during class for textbook access and note-taking. Please make sure they are fully charged each day.

3. Use the hard-copy or textbook apps to pre-read sections to be covered in class. The textbook apps can also be used for studying vocabulary NIGHTLY and to find additional examples and assistance on the topics we are covering in class. The textbook app is a very rich resource. Make use of it daily. Each student will receive a hard-copy of the textbook.

4. Be attentive and alert during class time. Be engaged during instructional time. Stay focused. We take time each class to address homework questions, cover new material and start assignments for that day. Use your class time wisely. Address questions you have about homework during the time we are together in class. Also take advantage of tutoring starting the second week of school with student tutors.

5. Be persistent when you find a topic difficult to understand. Use the textbook app, study with a group and seek out a tutor. Do not procrastinate about seeking out help when you don't understand a topic.

6. Start now preparing for the Cumulative Test at the end of the 4.5 week grading period (term). This test will cover everything from the current 4.5 weeks and can be used to replace your lowest test grade AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A FORMATIVE GRADE OF 80% OR HIGHER.

7. Remember, once we have covered a topic it is fair game to show up on any future test or quiz. Carefully analyze your tests as they are returned to you and make sure you acquire those skills you missed. This course builds on itself. The skills we lean will be skills that we use as we progress through the course and you must be determined to master each one.

8. This is a pencil only classroom. No pen should be used at all. Used pencils will be available for a dime. See the pencil pig in my classroom for details. 

9. When looking over grades in FOCUS, please remember classwork/homework is a formative grade based on completion, not necessarily quality of work. It is the students responsibility to check their homework answers at the appropriate time and ask questions about what they missed when we go over assignments in class. To receive full credit for an assignment the student must try every problem and show work.