Kindergarten Policies and Procedures

Kindergarten Policies and Procedures 2018-2019

The First Day

The first day of school will be exciting and scary for your child. There may be some tears. I promise that your child is in good hands and that I have an extraordinary day (and year!) planned ahead. Please come in and say your goodbyes. The quicker this is, the easier it will be for all of us.

Morning Routine

School begins at 7:30. Please have your child here at school between 7:20 and 7:30 to avoid being tardy. Students arriving before 7:30 must report to the playground. Our day begins promptly at 7:30. If your child is late, his daily routine is disrupted and consistency is very important to the kindergarten child. Please make every effort to be on time each day.

Parents may accompany their child to the classroom the FIRST WEEK of class, but after that please leave them at the classroom door. We will help them begin to take responsibility for their belongings. They need to establish a little independence. We will call you if we need you.

Afternoon Pick-up/Routine

Kindergarteners will be the first students to be dismissed from school at 2:30pm. Please make every effort to be there by 2:30. It is recommended that Kindergarten parents arrive at least 20-25 minutes early to assure a spot at the beginning of the pick-up line. Please stay in your vehicle. We will bring your child to your car. It is important if we are to maintain a smooth traffic flow.

You have been given a car hanger with your child’s name on it. This should be used in the car that is picking up your child. Use car hangers daily. This is how we know it is your car.

If your child needs to be picked up early, please go to the office to check him/her out.

Your child will only be sent home by written instructions you have given us. If a change is necessary, only a written note from you or a phone call to the school office will be accepted. Written notes will be verified as appropriate.

Make sure your child’s teacher knows how your child is getting home on the first days of school as well as the first week.

Absences- Anytime a student returns to school after an absence, a note MUST be brought from home. DOCUMENTATION FOR EXCUSED ABSENCES MUST BE FILED WITH THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS FO THE ABSENCE OR THE ABSENCE IS UNEXCUSED. If a student is going to be absent, please call the school office before 8:00 am. At (850)248-3500. By the end of school day (3:00), it is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardian to determine the reason for each absence that has not been preapproved (sick, family emergency, etc.)

Attendance! Attendance! Attendance!- YES, your Kindergarten student must be in attendance 160 out of 180 days or they may be considered for retention. Yes, you may check your child out, but this will count as an absence. All appointments need to be verified by a note from your doctor/dentist.

Family Leave Absences- Parents must fill out a family leave form 2 WEEKS in advance, turn form into the front office for principal’s approval. NON-EMERGENCY (vacation) will not be granted during state-mandated testing weeks. You may have 5 days of Family Leave per year and it must be demonstrated that the leave cannot be taken during school breaks. Students must make up their work either before they leave or within 5 days of their return to receive credit. See Bay Haven handbook: for more information on attendance policies.


A monthly snack calendar is sent home. Please send in snack, with napkins, when it is your child’s snack day. Each child is assigned snack 1 day (sometimes 2 days a month) with the class. The snack should be as healthy as possible and be enough for the entire class to share. Kindergarten lunch is late 12:20 or later. We are asking you to send 2 things for snack. Suggestions for snack: fish crackers, sliced fruit, cheese sticks with crackers, Gogurts with crackers, applesauce, graham crackers, popcorn, muffins. Fruit should be washed and put in small baggies to be easily passed out. Snack time is only 15-20 minutes. If it is more convenient for you, snack can be sent in ahead of time. Please send enough for 18 hungry students. **PLEASE NO CUPCAKES.

Water Bottles

Drinking water is highly encouraged in our classrooms. It is especially important during hot weather. With this in mind, your child must bring a filled, ready to drink water bottle to class daily. Label with your child’s name. Water bottles must have a pop-up spout to avoid spills in the classroom. Please, no twist-off caps. Bottles will be sent home daily to be washed. Please return them filled the next day.


If you would like to send party invitations to the students in our class, please choose to invite all of the girls or all of the boys or the whole class if you would like invitations passed out during school. I would be happy to quietly insert these invitations into our Take Home folders. If just a few children are invited, please send these invitations on your own.

*Students may bring a special cookie cake, iced cookie, or brownies for snack to share on their birthday. No cupcakes or decorated cakes, please.


Your child will be bringing homework home on Monday thru Thursday. The purpose of any homework sent home would be to reinforce concepts already taught in the classroom. Homework time should be spent with an adult. Initial the top of the paper so I know you have checked your child’s homework each night.


The most important requirement for homework that we stress in kindergarten is READING. Becoming a reader and establishing a love of reading is vital. We will send home a “Reading Log” in a folder as a way to document the time spent reading at home. Kindergarten requires only 50 minutes a week for reading. A minimum of 25 books should be read in a month’s time. Reading time should be done with an adult. You may read to your child, your child may read to you, or any combination of the two. All reading together is beneficial. There is a grade for homework and reading logs completed on the Report Card.

*Please have a pencil box at home for your child’s supplies. They will need: crayons, glue stick, scissors and pencils.

Take Home Folder

A folder will come home every day. You will find the Reading Log, Behavior Calendar and Zipper Pouch for notes and money. When you read to your child or your child reads to you, please log the title and who read the book. Also, there is a “homework” mini book on most days, have your child read it to you. Please initial the homework book (in pencil) and return it to school in their folder the following day.

The Behavior Calendar is initialed daily as well. PLEASE send the folder back each day in your child’s backpack. It is imperative that this communication be kept consistent. Check your child’s backpack and folder EVERYDAY.


Please place any money that is coming to school in an envelope labeled with the following information:

· Child’s first and last name

· Teacher’s name

· Amount enclosed

· Purpose for money (Field Trip, book order, etc.)

*Loose unlabeled money will be sent back home.

Lunch Money

The price of lunch is $3.00. All lunch money needs to be paid in the front office. Sending lunch money with your child in their folder is discouraged. Please PRE-PAY for your child’s lunch a week or month at a time if possible. If it is unavoidable please send it in your child’s folder, please send it in an envelope, labeled with the following:

*First & Last name *lunch number *teacher’s name

Field Trips

We love to have parents join us on our field trips as chaperones. However, we would like to remind all parents that due to school liability and safety of your child and others, there are school policies that we all must follow. Parents that are chaperoning their child’s field trip may not bring along and other children/siblings. This can be distracting to our classroom purpose. Even though we are on a field trip, it is still a school day and it is distracting to the chaperones and students to have other children in their group than those assigned by the teacher. If we attend a public place and you choose to attend the same day as our field trip, you must remain separate and apart to reduce any confusion for your child. Please make sure to order a royal blue uniform shirt to wear on field trips.

Uniform Policy

* See Parent Handbook at

* Uniforms may be ordered from Tommyhilfiger at this website: or from Zoghby’s Uniforms.

* All Students must have a Royal Blue polo shirt to wear on Field Trips. This shirt can only be purchased at Zoghby’s.

* Spirit Shirts are only to be worn on Fridays.

* Jackets and sweaters (outerwear) must be Bay Haven uniform.

***Label outerwear with your child’s name***


All families must volunteer a minimum of 20 hours. We love to have your help! Please fill out the “Volunteer Form” with the days and times you are available and what kind of jobs you would like to do. Using volunteers in the classroom requires teacher time and preparation. Because the first week of school is very busy, we will not be using volunteers until September. Please remember that you must be registered at the front office in order to volunteer in the classroom.

Volunteers will be scheduled with a time that is helpful to the teacher and students. We are able to use your help so much better when I know when you are coming land have a task prepared for you. If you are scheduled to volunteer on a certain day or time and are not able to come, please let me know, as this will save me the preparation time. If you sign up, remember we are counting on you to come.


The following discipline plan will be discussed with your child.

*Listen and follow directions the first time.

*Keep hands, feet, body and other objects to yourself.

*Speak kindly and be polite to others.

*Wait to be called on before speaking during group or work time.

*Respect school and personal property.

*Be honest and take responsibility for your words and actions.


*Verbal positive praise and cheers

*Treats (occasionally)

*Fun Friday Snowcones

*Note to Parents

Thank you for sharing your child with us! We look forward to a wonderful year ahead!

The Kindergarten Teachers