K-12 Art Teacher Missy Eid Ext:503

The Bayfield school curriculum starts off by taking a look at why we teach art, and what art means.  It was important to develop a concrete definition to work from .


What does art education do for the individual and for society? Why do we teach art? How does art contribute to education at all levels? There are many good answers to these questions, but three stand out as crucial in today's social and economic climate. We believe that art—and therefore art education—means three things that everyone wants and needs. 

Art Means Work.

Beyond the qualities of creativity, self expression, and communication, art is a type of work. This is what art has been from the beginning. This is what art is from childhood to old age. Through art, our students learn the meaning of joy of work— work done to the best of one's ability, for its own sake, for the satisfaction of a job well done. There is a desperate need in our society for a revival of the idea of good work: work for personal fulfillment; work for social recognition work for economic development. Work is one of the noblest expressions of the human spirit, and art is the visible evidence of work carried to the highest possible level. Today we hear much about productivity and workmanship. Both of these ideals are strengthened each time we commit ourselves to the endeavor of art. We are dedicated to the idea that art is the best way for every young person to learn the value of work. 


Currently Art is taught seven periods of our 8 period day by a certified instructor.  Grades K-4 meets once per week for 30 minutes with the Art teacher. Supplementary additional art time is met through integrated activities with the classroom teacher. Guidance from the art teacher is given through the formal curriculum process and informally when needed.

The Madeline Island students ranging in ages from K-6 classes are taught at the Island school by a certified teacher once a week. Times vary with the ferry, wind sled and van runs.

Middle school art is an exsploritor period once a day the 6-8th grades rotate in 6 week regaments.  The program has been modify into an explority formatt exposing students to art and covering wisconsin standards as time alows.

High School art is offered for three periods a day as a semester course, and independenty throught the day. Classes are limited to 15 students per period, due to space and materials. Ninty high school students a year have an opportunity to take art.  The present courses are sculpture and crafts, drawing and painting, advanced art, and two dimensional art, Watercolor and advanced level courses as needed.


My purpose is to provide a motivating student centered classroom through teaching to all

the unique learning styles of my students and facilitating life long learning skill through my teaching.  I strongly believe that all students can learn and grow towards a positive future.