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Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

The Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour was a success, thanks to Marla Lee, Sarah Karlson and numerous 4th and 5th grade volunteers.  Even with cloudy skies, over 100 visiters came to tour the Butterfly Habitat and Native Wildflower Garden. 


Our long standing fountain has been given a face lift!  One of our most artistic Bay Farm parents, Shelley Patterson, spent days carefully placing tiles on our beloved water feature.  Now it is truly a piece of art!  Thank you, Shelley!



Happy Volunteers!



Marla Lee, our resident Master Gardener, gave tours of the garden all day long.  She is an expert in California Native Plants and local butterflies.  It is her dedication that makes our Butterfly Habitat so beautiful!  Thank you, Marla!
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the Natives annual tour, please visit:
Sarah Karlson's 4th and 5th grade garden classes made Clay, Seed Balls, Seed Paper, Itchy Salve and Lemonade to sell at the Farmers Market.  By the end of the day, the lemonade and the Itchy Salve(made from Bee Balm and herbs from the garden) was sold out.  Congratulations on a succesful day!

Visitors were greeted with coffee and butterfly chalk drawings.
The local Boy Scouts are instrumental in the maintenence of our garden.  They have helped with signs, paths, planting, weeding and much more.  We are very thankful for all of their hard work!
Stawberry Patch.  Yum!