Re-usable Partyware

Partyware for All
In December 2009 the Go-Green Committee gave each classroom Reusable Partyware funded by a Grant from the Altamont Education Advisory Board and the Bay Farm PTA.
Zero-Waste Goal:

Instead of having a parent sign up to buy disposable partyware, have them sign up to wash the post-party dishes.  These dishes are dishwasher safe and BPA-free (the bad plastic). This will save time, money and landfill waste. 


When your class has a party, you can go one step further by grabbing a green “slim jim” in the patio area so that you can compost all your food scraps and paper napkins during all classroom food events. Just take one, ask Frank or Bobby for a clear plastic bag to line it and return it when you’re done. You can dump your bag of green waste into any of our green rolling carts.


What is in each container:

Plates, cups and utensils for your class and guests.  The upper grades have 40 sets. Lower grades have 30. Special Day classes have a little less. If you need more, please borrow from other classrooms. We have also provided a hand towel; if you want your students to wash their own dishes in the classroom they can be dried off. There are instructions under the lid to remind parents what to do.



If you need bowls, you can check them out from the bin in the teachers lounge. Right now we have about 85 bowls, but will be purchasing more soon. The bin will live next to the paper products in the cabinet.


One request:

All we ask is that these containers stay at Bay Farm School. If a teacher leaves, please gift the partyware to the teacher who takes their place. If they move to a different grade level, the dishes should stay in the classroom.


Please send me stories or pictures of your class using your new partyware so we can include them in our final report to the Altamont Education Advisory Board.  We would really like to know how many times you use your dishes so we can estimate our landfill reduction.


If we continue to use the partyware for all our parties, we can save over 5,000 plates, cups and utensils per year. Thank you for your commitment to making Bay Farm one of the greenest schools in the Bay Area.


Happy Holidays,

Lorri Garrett & The Go-Green Committee