April/May 2010 Go Green News

We like to say that every day is Earth Day at Bay Farm School. Still, April 22 has become known world-wide as Earth Day.
This year we recognized Earth Day by challenging the school community to participate in two different ways to save energy, reduce pollution and send less waste to our landfill.
We asked families and staff to Walk or Roll to School and bring a No Trash Lunch.
 As usual, our students, parents and staff met the challenge. Both events were a great success!

Large numbers of families and staff left the cars at home and showed up for school on April 22 on bikes, scooters, skates and their own two happy feet!
Students reported to their teachers that they prefer to come to school by walking or riding a bike or scooter.  Teachers report that students seem more alert and ready to learn when large numbers of them got a little fresh air and exercise before getting into the daily routine.
So keep walking and riding those bikes to school! It's good for us and good for our planet!

This family walked AND rolled to school today!

Looking good Mrs. Reynolds!

Lauren and Corine Tan arrive at school for the day
and they are already ready for lunch!

At lunch time, families were challenged to send a No Trash Lunch with their student. A No Trash Lunch means that nothing in your lunch bag will go to a landfill. Hundreds of students met the challenge. Staff and parents took pictures of students with a landfill free lunch and will post them on a bulletin board in the Multipurpose Room. Stop by and see all the different ways these kids bring a No Trash Lunch!

The most exciting part was that we produced so very little landfill trash during the lunch period on Earth Day! Everyone knows that we have reduced the amount of trash we send to the landfill greatly this school year. But Thursday took the cake!
The amount of trash we sent to the landfill on Earth Day fit into a single paper shopping bag! It was amazing and inspiring.

Can 500+ students send one single bag of  trash to the landfill from one day's lunch?
These Bay Farm first grades students say the answer is...YES!!