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2015/2016-Year in Review

July 2016
Bay Farm School Goes to Washington!

Principal Freitas, Mrs. Kuttner and Mrs. Clement travel to Washington, DC to attend Green Ribbon Schools ceremony 

April 2016
2016 U.S. Dept. of Education Green Ribbon Schools are confirmed on Earth Day by U.S. Secretary of Education, John King

Announcement of 2016 Green Ribbon Schools

February 2016

State Superintendent Tom Torlakson visits Bay Farm School 
Announces 2016 California Green Ribbon School Honorees

 More than 160 Bay Farm School students from grades 3-8 participated in singing, cooking from the garden 
and leading a tour of our school's green program on this special day!

January 2016
Bay Farm School is nominated by the CA Department of Education as a 
2016 U.S. Dept. of Education Green Ribbon School

Green Ribbon Schools are nominated at the state level for this federal recognition for high achievement in three areas: 
  1. Reduce environmental impact and costs;
  2. Improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and
  3. Provide environmental education, which teaches many disciplines, and is especially good at effectively incorporating STEM, civic skills, and green career pathways.

Bay Farm Go Green
2014/2015 - Year in Review

Did you know....
Bay Farm School has the highest rate of recycling in AUSD?
We divert 82% of our trash from the landfill! 

Bay Farm School is always ready to take school recycling to the next level 
In the fall of 2014 we signed on for the Ready Set Recycle Challenge! 
More about these student centered environmental action project at
    As a Ready Set Recycle school, our 5th graders challenged all classrooms to reduce the amount of good stuff* in their landfill trash can. Conducting a series of waste audits throughout the school year, these students tracked our progress and reported back to students and teachers. Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Chaney, Ms. Myovich, Mr. Miller, Ms. Booth and their fantastic students, our school reduced good stuff in our trash cans from 65-11%! 
*good stuff=items in the trash that could have been recycled or composted
Check out the size of our cans!
    Thanks to the efforts of our 5th Grade Team, the entire staff, and our students we increased recycling and reduced landfill trash to about 1 gallon per classroom per day. We replaced full size trash cans with 1 gallon "side car" mini trash cans to better fit the small amount of trash each classroom is sending to the landfill every day! 
Our 4th Grade Recycling Monitors continue to provide valuable service to our green program. 
Stop by at lunch any day and you will see these hardworking students providing support and quality control for our lunchtime recycling program. All 4th grade students at Bay Farm take their turn on the green team. 
    In March 2015,  6th Graders completed another student action project with Stop Waste. In 6th grade, the project focus is on creating a Bay Friendly garden. Students worked with Stop Waste to sheet mulch the area outside the MPR. Once again, students at Bay Farm get an opportunity to learn more about taking care of our environment while providing valuable service to their school. Learn more about the 6th grade student action project at http://www.stopwaste.org/preventing-waste/4rs-and-my-watershed
    In 2014/15, the Bay Farm Middle School program continued our tradition of environmental education and student service. Grade level field trips emphasized environmental stewardship and nature experiences. 7th graders conducted a lunch time waste audit to improve middle school recycling. The BEAT club (Bay Farm Environmental Action Team) launched. These student leaders represented BFS at the LEAF conference in May networking with high school and middle school students from all over Alameda County. 
Thank you to the Bay Farm PTA and parent community for your support of our green goals. 
Together we will reduce waste and increase our recycling to 90%!

Bay Farm PTA and Bay Farm Go Green bring you...

Back to School "Green" Potluck Picnic 
and Magic Show

Friday, September 19, 2014 @ 6:30pm

What is a "Green Potluck"?

  • Bring your dish in a reusable container with serving utensils you will bring back home 

    Main Dish: Last Names A-J

    Side Dish: Last Names K-Q

    Fruit/Desset: Last Names R-Z

  • Bring your own plates, cutlery, cups and napkins!
  • Don't forget a blanket to sit on!
Support our awesome green program and make this a No Waste event. 

No single use plastic containers please!

Bay Farm Go Green
2013/14 - Year in Review

See how we...
  • Increased enrollment but decreased the size of our landfill dumpster
  • completed action projects that provided students with hands on learning
  • reduced waste by 80% at Marketplace 2014
  • created a mural on Earth Day 2014
  • sent our first group of students to the LEAF 2014 Conference
  • kept Evening on the Green big on fun but easy on the planet
  • kept 1800 markers out of the landfill with our new marker recycling program
  • created eco-artwork for display at an Oakland art gallery

Here's how we did it!

We increased enrollment but decreased the size of our landfill dumpster?

Our student enrollment increased by about 150 students since 2012. 
At the same time, we've worked hard to increase the amount of waste we recycle and compost every day. The result? In January, 2014 we were able to swap out our 4 yd garbage dumpster for a 3 yd dumpster!

Our school reduced the amount of trash we send to the landfill in one school year by at least 3,330 pounds!

We completed action projects that provided students with 
hands on learning.

6th Grade Student Action Project- Create a  more "Bay Friendly" School Garden



In February, 6th graders sheet mulched a large area of our school garden. Facilitated by StopWaste.org the students learned first hand how sheet mulching is a great way to create a garden that is drought friendly and pesticide free.

5th Grade Student Action Project-Conduct a School-Wide Waste Audit  
In March, our 5th graders conducted a school wide waste audit facilitated by StopWaste.org
Over a number of weeks, students collected and audited waste collected from every classroom trash bin. 
Bay Farm School's goal is that 90 % of our waste will be recycled and composted. 
This audit of our landfill trash is a great opportunity to see how we as a school are doing. 
Students conducted a second audit at home and wrote about their action project experience on their class blog. 

April 2014 -Students Create Earth Day Mural
"What am I doing to make every day Earth Day?"

On Earth Day 2014, Go Green teacher leaders, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Kuttner facilitated an activity at lunch where students could add their answer to the question: 
"What am I doing to make every day Earth Day?"
The messages and artwork students added to the mural were inspiring. 
The mural was then displayed at the Alameda Green Schools booth at the City of Alameda Earth Day Festival. 
Thank you to our own Miss Shelley Patterson for adding a beautiful image of our planet to our mural.

May 2014-Bay Farm School 7th Grade Students Attend LEAF 2014

Bay Farm School was invited to participate in the Leadership Environmental Action Forum or LEAF. This conference brought small groups of students from middle and high schools all over the Bay Area together on May 17-18 at beautiful Camp Arroyo in Livermore.  Schools are allowed to send up to six students. We opened this opportunity up to our first 7th grade class and had an excellent group apply and participate. The purpose of LEAF is to share ideas and best practices for protecting the environment and conserving resources that you can then bring back to your school. Students, Emily Rutherford, Randle Moss, Ethan Muon, Anaiis Lowe and Azameet did a great job representing Bay Farm as our first LEAF team!

May 2014- Keeping it Green at Evening on the Green!

Our annual family celebration brought over 300 members of our school community back to school for an evening picnic, entertainment and fun! This year, Bay Farm Go Green challenged families to keep the event green in two ways: 
1. Ride bikes or walk to the event.
2. Pack your picnic with reusable plates, cups and cutlery to help us reduce waste.
Families that met the challenge got to enter the Reusable Raffle. With the help of the generous donations of many of our local businesses, lots of great prizes were distributed throughout the evening. 
Good old Planet Earth was a big winner as well as Bay Farm School proves once again that you can hold a large school event and send only one back of trash to the landfill!

    Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Kuttner at the raffle table

 Emma and Azameet man the cans at Evening on the Green
    300+ people at a picnic and one bag of landfill trash? That's how we do it!

 Miss Lorri and Miss Laura at EOTG with a Farmers Market with good stuff from our own garden.

May 2014- Marketplace Goes Green!

    Third graders at Bay Farm School love project based learning and Marketplace is quite a project! This annual event generates lots of enthusiasm and, unfortunately, lots of trash! This year, our awesome 3rd grade teachers challenged their students to make sure their small business for Marketplace operates with a green business plan. 
    The result? Lots of fun and about an 80% reduction in landfill trash from the previous year!
Students made lots of small changes to eliminate single use plastics. They swapped out plastic baggies, straws and cups for those made out of paper. Students also worked in shifts to monitor recycling & composting at the sorting station. 
Talk about kid power!

Marker Recycling Program Makes Its Mark on the Bay Farm Recycling Program! 

Bay Farm Go Green is always trying to find new ways to recycle our waste and keep it out of the landfill.
This year, we launched marker recycling through Crayola's Color Cycle program. 
We are thrilled with the fact that we sent 1800 markers to Crayola to be recycled into fuel!
Check out this program for schools at http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle.aspx

What's new for 2013/14? 
  • New playground compost bins!
  • Bay Farm School recycles markers!
Read on to find out more.

Bay Farm Go Green Adds Compost Bins to the Playground

    We know the beginning of the school year means we have new students to welcome to our playgrounds at recess. This year, we came back to find another welcome addition-brand new green bins on all three playgrounds. 
    Playground green waste bins mean we can recycle every bit of organic waste (food scraps and soiled paper) at Bay Farm School. These new bins are clearly labeled and set up next to trash cans. 
Please! No plastic in our green bins.
Please! No food or dirty paper in our trash cans.

Tree Musketeers Kick Off a New School Year and a New Program

In October, our environmental awareness club for students in grades 3-5 organized a new recycling program during our lunchtime meetings. 
With the support of parent, Janine Hara, Bay Farm will participate in Crayola ColorCycle and recycle markers instead of sending them to the landfill. Tree Musketeers reused oatmeal boxes to create colorful containers for every classroom. When the container is full, students can bring their container and dump it in the bin outside Mrs. Kuttner's classroom in Room 102. 
Check out the story about this exciting new program at http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle.aspx

What do playground composting and marker recycling mean for our school?
Finding more ways to recycle and reduce waste 
will help Bay Farm School reach our goal of 
diverting 90% of our trash from the landfill.

Bay Farm School Helps Lead the Way as 
Alameda Schools Go Green
Alameda's public school students are forsaking the gray bin, putting paper and food scraps in their place. Here's a breakdown of the schools' progress over the past five years, and the equivalent environmental impact.
Thanks to The Alamedan Blog site for this wonderful info graphic!

Earth Week at Bay Farm 2013
April 22-26
Learning, laughing and ready for the challenge, we set goals and worked hard to achieve them!

Earth Week activities included:
  • Walk or Roll to School Week
  • The No Waste Lunch Week Long Challenge
  • Color Days: Wear green for the Earth. Wear blue for our oceans and waterways.
  • Reused/Recycled Art Projects in every classroom led by art docent parents
  • Wacky Tacky Trashy Day featuring the Wacky Tacky Trashy Fashion Show

April 2013
Bay Farm 6th Grade Pioneers New Student Action Project
When StopWaste.org needs a school to pilot a new environmental education project they love to come to Bay Farm School. Mrs. Oducayen and Mrs. Reynold's 6th graders worked hard and had a great time learning how to prep and plant a bay friendly garden. This project was all hands on! Students learned how methods such as sheet mulching and use of compost can keep your garden weed-free without harmful pesticides that make their way into our bay. 

December 2012
The Tree Musketeers are ready to B.Y.O.B!
This month, our club meetings were devoted to learning about and discussing the county wide plastic bag ordinance taking effect Jan 1, 2013. Well informed and ready to spread the news to their families at home
students decorated their own canvas bag to keep and use on the next trip to the grocery store.

October 23, 2012
The Tree Musketeers represent Bay Farm School at the school board meeting

Third grade students, Mickey, Robel and Natalia lead the pledge of allegiance.

2011-2012 School Year in Review 


How did we do? Answers to this question, photos and more here

You can also check out this video on the new educational kiosk at the Alameda Free Library.
It looks like this! 

Check it out on your next visit to the Main Library.
Learn more about AUSD's partnership with Alameda Municipal Power

It's a new school year!
Is your family ready to pack a Waste Free Lunch and Snack?

Here are tips your family can use to help our school reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfill every day:

Earth Week 2011 at Bay Farm School!

Our school was bright green all week! 

March/April 2011-Bay Farm Students lead the way!
Take a look at how these students represented Bay Farm Go Green at two local events to highlight AUSD green initiatives:

Bay Farm 4th Graders: Aita Zulu, Anthony Layson and Emma and Hayley Rodden represented our school and the entire AUSD at the Grow and Eat Local Resource Fair on March 19 at the Alameda Main
This event featured all kinds of programs that are helping Alameda and the SF bay area become a greener place to live. Bay Farm School was invited to send representatives to run a table that highlights the school district's comprehensive recycling programs in our schools. Because Bay Farm continues to develop a student service learning program that provides opportunities for students volunteers and leadership opportunities as environmentalists, it was a no brainer to have students serve as representatives for the district.
Emma, Aita and Anthony did a marvelous job answering questions about the recycling program and teaching "the recycling game" to kids who stopped by our table. Hayley worked Bay Farm School's table for our Outdoor Learning Center/school garden program with, mom and OLC teacher, Lorri Garrett.


Bay Farm 5th Graders, Rachel Wellman and Isabelle Chachia-Riedl led a presentation at the 2011 Alameda Green Schools Summit on April 13 at the Alameda Main Library. 

This year, our entire 5th grade participated in a new program available for 5th grade students through stopwaste.org
Students completed the year long project as part of their science rotations with facilitators, Ms. Chaney and staff from Stop Waste. Isabelle and Rachel did a fantastic job speaking about this learning experience to the community gathered to learn about student service learning and environmental projects at this event. 

Fall 2010

Miss Alameda helps out at Bay Farm! 
  Our Recycling Monitors are ready for lunch with help from Miss Alameda!
   Our own Miss Alameda (Jessica Robinson) helps answer questions as students sort their lunch waste.  

August 2010

AUSD receives "Next Generation Recycler Award"! Find out about this and more in the 
August/September 2010 Go Green News.

Bay Farm School students travel to  Sacramento to talk about our school's recycling program!
Mrs. Kuttner accompanied Connor Tamor, Allison Cho and Mackenzie Jordan and their families
to the CRRA Conference in Sacramento on August 9.
These students spoke about Bay Farm's part in our district's recycling program.
They did a fantastic job!