November Go Green News

November (Almost December!)  Go Green News


Hey! What happened to October?

Lorri and I have been just a little busy but we have plenty of news to update you on the school’s efforts to help the Bay Farm School community go greener.

Dumpster Diving

Our school recycling program is going full steam ahead. We are working closely with Head Custodian Frank Munoz, the district and Waste Management as we work to reduce and sort the waste we generate at school. As you know, we have greatly reduced the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Because of this, WM recently replaced our 7 cubic yard garbage dumpster for a brand new shiny 4 yd dumpster! We will continue to monitor how full this dumpster gets because we think that we might be able to go to an even smaller dumpster.

The best green energy source: Our Bay Farm students!!

The kids have stepped up to help manage our green efforts and make this a true service-learning program for our school.

Our 5th grade “Lunch Bunch” program has expanded their duties to act as daily recycling monitors. Every day, four 5th grade students volunteer during their lunch period. Two of them help our lunch manager, Miss Anna, and two work at the recycling stations to help monitor the recycling as the students exit the lunchroom. Come by and help us out during lunch some day and you will see them in action! They look great in their cool new orange “Recycling Monitor” aprons. Thanks so much to our 5th grade teachers, Ms. Chaney and Ms. Myovich for helping to coordinate the Lunch Bunch schedule. We also can’t thank our faithful parent volunteers enough as they continue to be there to help the students and the student volunteers recycle at lunch.

All students in grade K-5 now have the opportunity to help manage the recyclables in the classroom. We have new blue bins in every classroom. We also have a large blue rolling cart in the courtyard of each pod building. In an effort to give all students a chance to actively participate in the classroom recycling system, they take turns emptying classroom blue bins into the rolling carts. This system has the added benefit of streamlining daily waste pickup at school, which will help us keep the costs of this program down. But, even better, it is another way to engage the entire student body in our recycling program. The First Grade has even partnered up with our Kindergarten classes to help them empty their bins. You can imagine how proud they are to be given the opportunity to be “big buddies” to the K classrooms.

The Tree Musketeer Recycling Club turns trash into a work of art!

The Tree Musketeer student club began work on their first project of the school year on Nov. 12. Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Kuttner met with a group of about 20 students after school to begin work on a mural in our multi-purpose room. Using reused materials, the students created a small paper figure of them to go on the mural. This after school project will continue on December 3 from 3:15-4:15 p.m. in the MPR. Students need written parent permission to attend.

Bay Farm Battery Recycling Program charges ahead!

Don’t forget that used batteries should no longer go in your trashcans at home. Bay Farm Go Green makes it easy for you to comply with this law passed in 2006. Collect your used batteries at home and send them to school with your student to be recycled. Look for the white battery collection bin next to the Lost & Found at the office.

Thanks so much to the Kim Family for volunteering to pick up the batteries we recycle at school and take them to the recycling center at ACI.


That’s it for now. If you want to be part of the Bay Farm Go Green committee, send email to

This is a big project and we would love your family to be part of it!


Thanks for your support,

Michele Kuttner and Lorri Garrett