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Online Text Information

I am happy to tell you that you and your child now have access to the online math textbook!  This online text is not merely a copy of the regular text for regular math.  There is no online text for Pre-AP Math.  The "Lesson Playlist" and "Chapter Playlist" tabs contain a variety of helpful activities and reference materials. One of the most exciting includes a "Personal Tutor" for most lessons that actually shows the lesson being taught by a teacher.  Your child will also have access to all workbook pages, instructional videos, self-check quizzes, self-check practice chapter tests,  eGames, and many more features!

To register:
  • Log on to www.connectED.mcgraw-hill.com  Your student will be given a username and password the first week of school.  They will have it written in the front cover of their planner.  If you have trouble logging in please let me know.  
  • Click the button on the bottom left that says "Create a New Account"
  • On the next page, look at the "Students" section on the left.  There are blanks for the redemption code provided by the teacher (written in the front cover of planner)
  • The next page is the Student Registration Page.  Type in your child's first name and last initial.
Classworks website:
Intensive Math is using the following website during class.  They are encouraged to work on it at home as well.   Login and Password info is written in the front of their planners.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Mrs. Chesnut