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Instructional Materials

The Bay District Instructional Materials Department working with the Executive Director and Director of Curriculum and Instruction provides the materials that will support the District goals, objectives and the curriculum frameworks approved by the State Board of Education, as well as with the State and District performance standards.
  •  Plans with the textbook publishers and curriculum department every adoption cycle to establish a schedule for presentations of State adopted materials.  
  • All Instructional materials for Bay District Schools are monitored by Bay District Instructional Technology and Media Services with regard to State Instructional Materials adoptions:    
  • Prepares reports for lost and damaged textbooks.
  • Maintains records of expenditures and deposits from the district textbook account.
  • Coordinates transfer and redistribution of surplus books.
  • Plans and conducts meetings with school textbook managers.
  • Prepares and updates Instructional Materials Manual.
  • Prepares and updates Instructional Aids/Novels catalog. 
  • Manages the annual instructional materials inventory for all schools.
  • Serves as a liaison between Bay District Schools and the Florida School Book Depository.
  • The Instructional Materials warehouse houses off-adoption materials and some current materials that are made available to anyone in the schools, and community. This selection varies from year to year depending on the adoption cycle.
  • District textbook orders are received and processed by Bay District Instructional Technology and Media Services., Textbooks are shipped directly to each site after being ordered by the Textbook Processing department.  
  • State Adoption Cycle chart from 2009 to 2020
  • Publisher List for State Adopted Materials. 
  • Florida School Book Depository information and online catalogs.
  • Administrators, teachers and parents questions regarding textbook procedures should contact Gwen Parris, textbook manager or              Tamra Hogue, Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Media Services.