Vision and Mission

Oakland Terrace School
for the visual and Performing Arts
Oakland Terrace School for the Visual & Performing Arts is committed to building the relationships necessary to Set the Stage for lifelong learning in our diverse student population by promoting critical thinking and creativity through the Arts. Our school environment is built upon partnerships, respect and high expectations to ensure student success.
Our mission at Oakland Terrace School for the Visual & Performing Arts is to Set the Stage for Success One Student at a Time.
The administration, faculty and staff are committed to building positive relationships with our students, their parents and the community.
Students learn in different ways and our instructional practices will incorporate a variety of activities to accommodate our diverse learners.
Our Positive Behavior Support initiative helps create STAR Orcas with the expectation that every person at Oakland Terrace will be Respectful, Responsible and Ready.
Rigor and relevance are achieved through student engagement in the Florida Next Generation and Common Core Standards with emphasis on language arts, mathematics, civics and STEM (science & technology).
Our high expectations for academic success are enhanced by the knowledge, appreciation and integration of the Arts.


Revised 08-01-11