Middle School Incentive Plan

Middle School Incentive Plan

The middle school incentive program is meant to recognize and reward students for responsible behavior.  Those students who meet or exceed the established criteria will be allowed to participate in a fun activity at the end of each nine weeks.  Those students not meeting the criteria will be required to do work in a separate classroom.

Eligibility is tracked through the planner and student will be required to have their planner in each class every day.  Assignments, homework, or what was done in class is to be written in the student’s planner for each class every day.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.     No more than 9 behavior notices, in all classes, either in the planner or notes sent home for the 9 week period.  Behavior notices include not having your planner signed, tardies, uniform violations, not being prepared for class, classroom disruptions, not having homework in class, not following classroom or school rules.

2.     Any student who has been written up on a discipline referral will not be allowed to attend the incentive activity.

3.     Any student suspended (In school or out of school) or given after school detention during the 9-week period will not be allowed to attend the incentive activity.

4.     Loss of planner, pages torn out of the planner and students consistently not having their planner in class will result in losing the privilege to attend the incentive activity.


At the end of the 9-week period, those students meeting the above criteria will be invited to celebrate with us.  Incentives may include games, treats, and other fun activities.

If the incentive period is less than 9 weeks, the number of checks may be reduced to reflect the reduction in the number of weeks in that incentive period. 

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