The answer key to the practice tests have been upload on the Algebra I  Honors page.

Yes.......we will have a study session Sunday, May 13 from 2-4 pm as well as Monday from 4-5 pm, Tuesday (2nd period only) from 3-4 pm and Wednesday (7th period only) from 3-4pm. 

Thank you all for the amazing Teacher Appreciation Week. Everyday I received wonderful gifts, cards, and treats.  I truly love teaching and you made it spectacular!  Being nominated by three people and receiving the Golden Apple Award is by far the most cherished award I've ever received because it came from the students I teach, parents of the students I teach, and teachers with whom I work.  This is my 20th year of teaching and it has been the best of all.  Thank you so much. It has been a blessing to have been here the last six years.  You are the best and I'm so proud to be part of it!  

Algebra study session:  Sunday, May 6, 2-4 pm.

Algebra study session:  Sunday, April 29, 2-4 pm.

Algebra EOC study session  Sunday, April 22, 2-4 pm

Monday, March 5.......Algebra I Honors ......Study Session today 2:45pm til 3:45 pm.

I will be scheduling parent conferences next week if you would like to meet with me please email me on Monday, February 27.

Parents......this is a great book: 
Ending the Homework Hassle by Dr. Rosemond.  My favorite part of the book is the Seven Hidden Values of homework.

Algebra Study Session Monday, February 13 from 2:45 pm till 3:45 pm.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I would like to thank you for all the birthday wishes and Christmas goodies that I received.  You really started my holiday with a blast. I'm very blessed to have caring students.  Thank you so much.

If you have been absent or need extra practice remember to check your textbooks online.  There are activities for each section in the book.

Integer Football:  http://www.mathgoodies.com/games

If you need practice with integers go to http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/ArithmeticQuiz/ 
Click integer addition, integer subtraction, integer multiplication. Start Game. Ready.
A great site for Algebra I Honors is the Khan Academy.
My email is sammojb@bay.k12.fl.us
Please click on your class to find the most current information.  Remember the lesson plans are tentative.  For exact assignments, students should copy the white board in my classroom.  Students are given time each day to copy the assignments into the planner.  If there is not a homework assignment for the day the student should write "none" on that date.  Students should have parents sign the planner daily.  This is my main communication avenue with parents.  Students will write assignments, quiz dates, tests dates, field trip dates and deadlines, conference dates and grades in the planner.