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Science Links

Biology For Kids
information on cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and other life science topics
American Museum of Natural History
archeology, astronomy, biodiversity, genetics,etc.
I Was Wondering
Women’s adventures in science, games, timeline travel, etc
Music To My Ears!
An Interactive Site with musical notes...
Try Science!
experiments, field trips and science fair project ideas
The Human Body
games and activities to explore kid’s health and the human
Science Year
games, quizzes and facts about science
Cosmos For Kids
Learn about astronomy: the study of SPACE and the changes that take place in and around all objects moving through space, and much, much more!
Smithsonian Institute for Kids/Science
Many, many interactive and exciting activities and information on this Smithsonian site
Seaworld Animals
brief facts about animals at Seaworld
Your Florida Backyard
Your Florida Backyard is a site that tells about native birds, habitats, wildlife, disasters, and plants
Chemistry For Kids!
information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry
National Geographic for Kids
videos, activities and games about animals
E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center
Biophilia Center…our big adventure!
Circuits and Conductors
learn more about electricity
explore space in three dimensions
Kid Information of the Human Body
Kid Friendly information on the human body
Body Systems
Easy to understand language on body systems and functions
Tour the human body
Follow the lizard to take a tour of the human body
Visible Tour of Human Body
Take a guided visable tour of the human body.
All About the Human Body
Tons of information for kids about the human body
Heart Activities
Learn about your heart.
The Human Heart
Human Heart
Find enrichment activities on the human heart.
Heart Activities
Learn more about your heart and circulatory system.
Neuroscience For Kids
Learn about the brain
Neuroscience For Kids
Learn about the brain
Digestive Systems
Learn about digestive systems.
Kids Biology
Very cool stuff about the human body and other biology-related facts.
Explore the Circulatory System
Click on the different parts of the circulatory system to learn more about each part.
The Amazing Human Body
Click on the different body parts to learn interesting facts about the human body.
Worldbook Online
Here you can look up many facts online using the Worldbook encyclopedia. Username: patronis Password: panthers
Learn all about different kinds of ecosystems.
Science Online: Features of the Earth
Learn cool things about the inside of our Earth.
Living Things Online!
Learn about ecosystems and more!
The Structure of Cells
The science of cells
Force and Motion
Learn about force, motion and gravity in space.
Earth and the Universe
Great website for learning about the planet Earth and the universe
A Guide to the Muscular System
The Bone Zone
Learn about your skeletal system.
Exploring Florida for Students and Teachers
A Social Studies Resource for Students and Teachers
Web World Wonders
Use the web cam on this site to count critters and much, much more! Learn about ecosystems too!
Harcourt School Publishers
Our Science Book provides many resources online in the area of science. Click here to view them.
Glo Bio!
Visit an online encyclopedia for nature lovers and scientists.
Science Learning Site
Ecosystems, Biomes and Habitats
What is an ecosystem?
Learn all about ecosystems.
Eco Explorer
Lots of cool stuff about ecosystems.
Ecosystem Webquest
Join the fun as you learn about ecosystems during this webquest adventure.
Become an expert on all the latest information about the Solar System from the experts at NASA.
N.A.S.A.'s Solar System
Become an expert on all the latest information about our Solar System from the experts at N.A.S.A.
Challenger Center
Brainstorm the space frontier at the Challenger Center site!
Learn About Stars
Learn about stars with the kids astronomy club.
Space Station
Learn interesting facts about the space station.
Eclipse of the Moon
Learn about the lunar eclipse of the moon on this website.
Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
This website has many links for kids, parents and teachers with information on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.